Police Brutality Link Round-Up 10.9.14

“You’re black. This family is white. You can’t possibly live here. Prepare to be pepper sprayed!”

Stacy Tyler said she had left her home unlocked because she knew her foster son, DeShawn Currie, would be arriving home from school. When neighbors spotted Currie, who is black, entering the Tyler residence, they immediately called police.

When they arrived, they ordered Currie to put his hands on the door. “For what?” he said he replied. “This is my house. Why are y’all here?”

Officers then pointed to a photograph on the mantel of the Tyler’s natural born children, all of whom are white, at which point Currie became angry. After a brief argument, officers pepper-sprayed Currie in the face.

Stacy Tyler arrived home to find Currie being treated by EMS for the pepper-spray, and quickly cleared up the confusion with the officers, who told her that her foster son had been threatening and belligerent.

Currie insisted he was merely offended by the officer’s suggestion that he could not possibly be part of the Tyler family.

“I had moved into my room, and I’m feeling like I’m loved,” he said. “And then when they come in and they just profile me and say that I’m not who I am. And that I do not stay here because there was white kids on the wall, that really made me mad.”

Yeah, I’d be kinda mad too.  The police of course were under the coughcoughracistcoughcough assumption that home that looks to be owned by white people couldn’t possibly be the home of a black person and that if a black person is entering, they are clearly a burglar.  So rather than try to get the situation figured out (by, say calling Stacy Tyler…cell phones? What are those?), they figure “let’s pepper spray the black guy who’s getting angry that we’re treating him like a criminal.  Clearly he doesn’t know his place.  You are not supposed to get angry at the police. You’re supposed to be an obedient slave and know your place.”

* * * *

Road Rage fueled police officer draws gun on family in minivan

A Beverly Hills couple had contacted 911 on Friday at around 7 p.m. after someone cut off their minivan, and then began driving erratically. At some point, the man allegedly rolled down his window and brandished a firearm at them.

On Monday, Birmingham police Cmdr. Terry Kiernan said that his department had asked the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office for a warrant to arrest the 43-year-old Detroit officer.

“We’re told the officer rolled his window down and pointed the gun in their direction,” Kiernan explained. “Whether he was pointing the gun directly at them is something that still has to be determined.”

The suspect identified himself as an officer when he was later stopped by Royal Oak police, and then was turned over to Birmingham police. A .40 caliber Glock pistol was recovered from his vehicle.

The officer’s name was being withheld until the prosecutor announced formal charges.

According to state records obtained by WXYZ, the officer was forced to undergo driver improvement examination earlier this year because he was deemed “unable to operate vehicle safely.”

The guy needs to undergo anger management therapy too, bc brandishing a gun at people who are not an immediate threat to you is fucked up.  I wish we lived in a country where such actions meant people would no longer be legally allowed to own a gun.  This is an example of police brutality, police state mentality, and gun owner irresponsibility.  A trifecta of horribleness!

* * * *

WATCH: NYPD cops pistol-whip cowering teenage pot suspect after foot chase

Surveillance video posted online by DNAinfo New York shows the officers catch up to 16-year-old Kahreem Tribble following a brief foot chase Aug. 29 in Brooklyn’s Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood.

The teen slows up and turns to face one of the officers, Tyrane Isaac, who immediately takes a swing at Tribble – but the teen manages to duck the roundhouse punch.

Tribble backs up against a wall with his hands raised in surrender as both officers approach him.

The second officer, Officer David Afanador, smashes the teen in the face with a handgun, and the first officer punches him in the head moments later.

A third officer arrives on the scene and stands watch while Isaac places the teen in handcuffs and Afandor jogs away to retrieve Tribble’s bag — which he smacks the teen with in the face when he returns.

Tribble, who was charged with possession of 17 small bags of marijuana and disorderly conduct, appeared in court afterward with cracked teeth and bruises.

He pleaded guilty to a violation in the case.

Investigations were launched by the police department’s Internal Affairs Bureau and the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office after the video was discovered.

Police initially spotted the teen peeking into the window of a parked minivan and said he tossed away a small canvas bag and fled as they approached.

The officers said they feared the teen had a weapon.

It’s the same excuse we hear all the time:  cops assume a black person is a threat. They don’t have any reason to think that. As always, the black person has far greater reason to fear the police than vice versa. The well documented cases of police brutality across the United States are testament to that fact.

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‘Get it on film’: NYC cop under investigation for punching teen out over a cigarette

Another New York City police officer was under investigation on Wednesday for allegedly punching a 17-year-old boy who was already laying down on the ground, WABC-TV reported.

The family of Marcel Hamer also filed a $5 million civil rights lawsuit against the police department and released video of Hamer’s encounter with the unidentified plainclothes officer on June 4.

The 55-second clip begins with Hamer on the ground and being held by one arm by the officer, saying, “Mister, it was just a cigarette, sir. It was just a cigarette.”

The Brooklyn Paper reported that the incident began when the officer got out of his car after seeing Hamer — who was 16 years old at the time — smoking while walking down the street, and accused him of smoking marijuana.

The camera moves just as the officer allegedly punched Hamer, but a loud thumping noise can be heard in the background. Hamer’s body appears to be limp for the remainder of the clip.

“Yeah, get it on film,” the officer can be heard saying, before being told by witnesses that Hamer was unconscious and asked to wake him up. The officer then attempts to lift Hamer before another man tries to rouse him.

We’re seeing more and more civilians filming police officers engaged in brutal acts against civilians, which is a good thing. But we need more. We need them to be accountable for their actions. We need the court system to punish these cops and we need the government to send a message to law enforcement that these actions are intolerable.

Gonna start holding my breath on all that.

* * * *

Here’s a story that could easily have led to a case of police brutality.  Thankfully this civilian knew what the cop was trying to do:

Man Effectively Flexes his Rights After Being Profiled for… Frisbee Golfing

In a video uploaded to YouTube on October 2, a man receives a written warning for having his headlights off. Then he meets the “friendly, good cop”, just your old buddy who is out to make small talk- which may allow him to violate some rights.  Luckily, the driver knew exactly how to handle the situation.

After handing the driver the written warning, the cop proceeds to make conversation- asking him if he plays frisbee golf.  The driver states that he does and next we see the true motives of the seemingly casual banter.

“I need you to answer me a question; why is it, everybody that plays frisbee golf smokes weed?” the officer asks.

The driver explains that it is not everybody, that it’s a select few, to which the officer replies “it’s everybody, man.”

We all know where this is heading.

“You can’t tell me you’ve never smoked weed before,” the officer continues.

The driver keeps his cool and does not answer the officer one way or another.

“How much weed do you have in the car tonight,”? the cop asks, as if he is an old friend.

The driver informs the officer, who is seemingly desperate to make quota, that there is nothing in the car, to which the officer begins the “so if i searched your car…” bit.

“You understand you’re free to go and everything, but you wouldn’t have a problem with me looking through your car?”

On what planet should someone who’s free to go, consent to a search? Does this line work?

The driver refuses the search, which according to the officer, means he must have weed on him.  He then claims the driver admitted to having smoked weed in the past, which was an absolute lie.  The driver simply asserted his right not to answer.

As he explained this to the officer, correcting his false claim, the officer again states that his refusal to answer equals a yes.

The man informs the cop that he is being filmed and the officer finally wraps up his attempt at trapping them into an illegal search.

Police Brutality Link Round-Up 10.9.14

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