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Florida Woman ‘Jokingly’ Slaps Man, So He Fatally Shoots Her In The Head

A Florida man is facing manslaughter charges for allegedly fatally shooting a woman in the head after she slapped him as a joke.

The Clay County Sheriff’s Office said that witnesses told investigators that 26-year-old Elliott William Orsborn, 26-year-old Jamie Lee Martin and others had been drinking in Martin’s garage in Middleburg early Saturday morning, according to The Florida Times-Union.

Orsborn had reportedly been playing with his .22 revolver throughout the night, but the Sheriff’s Office said that he had taken the bullets out earlier in the evening.

Martin’s boyfriend asked Orsborn to “just chill” after he said something that upset her.

At some point, Martin “jokingly slapped the defendant across the face,” the Clay County Sheriff’s Office said. Witnesses said that Orsborn took the gun out of his shorts pocket and shot Martin in the forehead.

Yet another case of another irresponsible individual who should not be handling a gun. Guns are not toys. You don’t play with them. Moreover, the gun should not be loaded unless you’re ready to use it. You should never point a gun at someone unless you intend to shoot them. These are basics of gun ownership that a fuckton of people simply do not know or do not follow. In either case, it is once again apparent that one should have to qualify to own guns. This should not be an unfettered right. People should be trained in how to use guns to ensure they are doing so responsibly, rather than the current system that says if you have the money you can buy a gun.

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Man opens fire, killing mother of three and wounding five others, after woman rejects him

Mary “Unique” Spears, a 27-year-old mother of three, was fatally shot at the Joe Louis Post after attending a funeral for a family member, reported WJBK-TV.

Relatives said a man they had never seen before began harassing Spears at the hall, but the woman rebuffed his advances by telling him she was engaged.

The man, whose name was not released, continued to pester Spears until about 2 a.m., when he grabbed and hit her as she tried to leave with her fiancé and family members.

A fight broke out, and the man began shooting, WDIV-TV reported.

Spears was shot once as she tried to run, a family member said, and the man then fired two more shots at her head.

Her fiancé and four relatives were wounded by the gunfire, but they all are expected to recover.

The gunman was quickly arrested as he tried to flee, police said.

Another tragic story of gun violence.  This one also intersects with the sexism and culture of entitlement in the US. While it is not taught in schools, socially, we are all indoctrinated into the belief that women’s bodies are not their own.  Men feel entitled to women’s bodies. They feel entitled to sex. They feel entitled to attention (yes, this is shades of Elliot Rodger). When they don’t get their way, they lash out. Too often, the lash out with guns and the result is murder.

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Mississippi family gunfight leaves two dead, two wounded

Mickey Sudduth and his father-in-law Robert Mize both fatally shot each other outside Mize’s home near Aberdeen after a dispute involving Sudduth’s estranged wife Jennifer on Friday afternoon, Monroe County Sheriff Cecil Cantrell said.

Sudduth got into an altercation with his wife, who is Mize’s daughter, after arriving at his in-laws’ house to pick up his two children for the weekend, Cantrell said.

She ran inside to tell her father that Sudduth tried to choke her. Mize then came outside with a Glock .40 pistol and engaged in a gunfight with Sudduth, who was also armed with a handgun, Cantrell said.

During the shootout, Sudduth and Mize shot each other dead, but not before Sudduth shot and wounded his wife and his mother-in-law, Janice Mize, Cantrell said. Both women were treated at a local hospital for non life-threatening injuries, Cantrell said.

The children, who are both under 10 years of age, were not hurt, Cantrell said. He described the incident as a case of domestic violence.

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A criminal justice instructor at Technology Center of DuPage in Addison accidentally discharged a handgun during class Friday afternoon, striking a file cabinet and hollow wall, officials said.

The instructor, a retired FBI agent, wasn’t authorized to have the gun on school property, said Jim Thorne, the school’s director.

“It’s not part of the curriculum. It’s nothing we knew he had,” Thorne said.

Three students were watching the instructor’s demonstration about 1:30 p.m. in an office adjacent to a classroom, where other students were preparing for the start of class, Thorne said.

No one was struck by the bullet, which ended up lodged in another classroom, he said.

After the shooting, a school administrator came to the classroom and escorted the instructor from the building. He was sent home and has been placed on administrative leave until further notice.

Yet another case where it’s apparent that the culture of fear in the US has seeped into the people’s consciousness.  Despite the fact that you don’t need a gun in a classroom, this guy likely felt he needed one on him. That’s the mentality of people who open or concealed carry. Yes, it is their right, but that says nothing about whether or not they *need* to carry a gun on them. When the media and society at large talk about the dangers out there (especially the dangerous oogity boogity black people), the message many people take in is that they’re constantly in danger and in need of protection. Cue organizations like the NRA “you need a gun to protect yourself”.  Never mind the cost involved in owning a gun. Never mind the fact that owning a gun can increase the risk of suicide or homicide, rather than making you safer.

Irresponsible Gun Owner Link Round-Up