Pop Culture Link Roundup 9.25.14

This following images will be fill today’s quota of the spectacular. 

Although these stunning images might look like the work of Photoshop magic, photographer Robert Bösch (or Robert Boesch) captured these campaign photos for the Swiss mountaineering brand Mammut by carefully coordinating an entire team of mountaineers on the snowy Alps. Racing against time and extreme conditions, the team demonstrated their mountain-climbing skills and the durability of Mammut’s products by hiking to incredible heights, hanging from suspension ropes in precise positions, and forming beautiful patterns and shapes spread over the landscape.

The crowning image is the above shot of the Matternhorn, captured for the brand’s 2015 ad campaigns. Paying homage to explorer Edward Whymper and his team, who were the first to ascend to the peak 150 years ago, Bösch directed his team of mountaineers to journey to their designated locations, shine their lights, and illuminate the route taken by Whymper a century and a half ago. The carefully crafted image not only honors those brave people who climbed the Matterhorn in the past, but also inspires adventurous souls who hope to reach the zenith in the future.

Check out My Modern Metropolis for more cool images.


The trailer for the upcoming Jupiter Rising film by the Wachowski Brothers Siblings [edit: I apologize for this screw up.  I had forgotten that Lana Wachowski transitioned to a woman several years back.  It was a fuckup on my part and I’m sorry.]

The early trailers for the Wachowskis’ Jupiter Ascending have always looked impressive, but they seemed like they wanted to bludgeon people into theaters by assaulting them with an overabundance of chaotic scifi/CG action. But this third trailer is the first one to makes me want to see the movie.

Of course, we’ve known the plot details of the movie for a while — Mila Kunis is the reincarnation of the queen of the galaxy, the evil Eddie Redmayne wants to keep her from inheriting the space throne and Earth — but the trailer lays it out cleanly and efficiently, from the secret origin of humanity on Earth to why and how Mila somehow doesn’t know she’s space royalty, to why her emergence puts the Earth in danger. But it also has no lack of amazing visuals, including elf-eared Channing Tatum fighting a winged lizard alien.

(via i09)


The Chalk and Charcoal Characters of David Zinn-On the Streets of Ann Arbor

More images at This Is Colossal.


Women in Food:  Kuniko Yagi

There have been countless news stories highlighting just how few women—only 6.3%, in fact—hold executive chef roles in the U.S. But taking a bird’s eye view of the local culinary landscape, there appear to be heaps of immensely talented female chefs breaking the mold, paving the way for a new generation of young women aspiring to pursue a career in the kitchen. We’ve sought out to showcase their stories through a video series called “Women in Food.”

The first female chef on deck is Kuniko Yagi of Hinoki & The Bird, the stunning Silk Road fusion restaurant that’s one of the best in Los Angeles. She tells us about her internship in Tokyo, where she was the first woman to wear a chef’s coat in a traditional kaiseki restaurant that had been open for over 50 years. (She was still not allowed to cook, however.) When she returned to L.A. to open Hinoki, Yagi employed almost 70% women in her Century City kitchen. There, she shares her immense knowledge of world cooking with a budding group of talented young chefs, many of whom are women as well.

Pop Culture Link Roundup 9.25.14

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    Tony, I don’t think the Wachowski Brothers are the Wachowski Brothers anymore. Though I don’t know if Jupiter Rising was made before Lana’s transition. (And I hope I got that right, because this is an area where I am completely clueless, moreso than usual.)

    Also, the women in food is neat. One of the reasons I like shows like Top Chef is they make sure that the contestants are not just men, and that at least gives women chefs exposure, though there have only been two women winners. Chopped on the Food Network does the same thing.

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    So you edit the post to say siblings with a note to say you forgot. And just so you know, I hope it didn’t come across as calling you out, I was hoping I was just reminding.

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    I don’t know enough to call others out in this area. I was not able to follow CD’s workshop at all, and I have only things said in the Lounge as my education.

    If you had said something uncharitable about straight white hetero male stay-at-home-dads, then I might have some authority.

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    Don’t sell yourself short. You were aware that Lana had transitioned, and I had forgotten. Part of being an ally is doing stuff like that. No one expects others to be perfect, but when we slip up-which we inevitably will-it helps to have others correct us. Some of those doing the correcting have more knowledge than others, but think about it…you were the one who read my post and said something. It could have sat there for years before someone noticed it and said something. It could have been read by a trans person and they could have gotten pissed off and said so.

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