Philly hate crime update

There have been a few developments in the case of the group of bigots who savagely attacked two gay men who were going out for dinner.

Thanks to my friend barkeeperin, I’ve learned that one of the attackers is a woman by the name of Kathryn Knott.

In the not too distant past, she Tweeted the following:

Some lovely ::spits:: homophobia there. You don’t see me saying “yuck” when a man and a woman kiss (nor when two women kiss). Oh, I know bigots like these see homosexuality as something different, but as I’ve mentioned once or twice, there is nothing immoral about being gay.  No one is asking Ms Knott to kiss a woman, so there is no need to shame two people who aren’t harming anyone else while expressing their affection for one another.  The hatred she shows is what is worthy of saying “yuck”.

“Fairy boys”.  Uh huh.

Fairy is one of many different types of slang terms used to describe homosexuals.  When used by bigots, it is intended to be a demeaning slight to gay men (based on the idea that gay men aren’t “real” men). You can imagine my dislike for the term (hell, I don’t use it to describe myself or any other gay person).

Here is the Storify with more examples of Knott’s Tweeted thoughts.

Oh yes, I almost forgot:  Kathyrn Knott is the daughter of Chalfont Township Police Chief Karl Knott.  I’m sure there will be no preferential treatment given to her.

Ms. Knott has also been suspended from her job at Abington Health, a local area Philly hospital:

24-year old Kathryn Knott, who surrendered to Philadelphia Police this morning, has been suspended from her job at Abington Health, a local area hospital.

“Because of the nature of the charges against her, she has been suspended from her job as an Emergency Room tech,” reads a statement from the hospital reportedby WPVI-TV’s Kenneth Moton.

Additionally, Knott appears to have tweeted at least five x-rays, which might be in violation of patient confidentiality laws.

“We are investigating an additional issue that was brought to our attention related to this employee’s Twitter account for potential violations of patient privacy and our organization’s social media policy,” the hospital statement continues. “Abington Health takes patient privacy and confidentiality very seriously and is fully investigating this matter.”

Mugshots of three of the individuals charged in the hate crime that is not legally a hate crime have been released.

From left, they are: 26-year-old Kevin Harrigan of Warrington; 24-year-old Kathryn Knott of Southampton; and 24-year-old Philip Williams of Warminster.

All three defendants are charged with aggravated assault, criminal conspiracy, simple assault, and recklessly endangering another person.

All three suspects have turned themselves in.

According to CBS Philly, the three suspects facing charges in the gay-bashing in Center City on September 11th turned themselves into the police this morning. The suspects are 24-year-old Philip Williams, 26-year-old Kevin Harrigan, and 24-year-old Kathryn Knott, each charged with two counts of aggravated assault, two counts of simple assault, two counts of recklessly endangering another person (REAP), and one count of criminal conspiracy.

According to CBS, “after surrendering, attorneys for Williams and Knott both proclaimed their client’s innocence. Williams’ attorney Fortunato Perri Jr. said the confrontation was a mutual fight and was not related to anyone’s sexual orientation.”

All this talk of “3” suspects.  What does this mean for the other 9 people in the group?  I don’t know if they participated, but even if they didn’t, did they just sit there and watch?   Neither scenario paints them in a good light.

Stories like this are the reason anti-LGBT bigotry still needs to be called out.  A string of marriage equality victories (and one loss, grumble mutter grumble) doesn’t not mean that lesbian, gay, transgender and bisexual people are treated any better in the United States.

Philly hate crime update
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