No, that does NOT look like sex

Remember Daniele Watts, the black woman recently detained by police in California?  Witnesses called the police claiming that she and her boyfriend were engaged in lewd acts in public view.

Watts — best known for her role in the Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained — told BuzzFeed News the incident happened Sept. 11. She had just dropped off a friend at a diversity showcase when she met up with Lucas, who was in a parked car near CBS’s Studio City production facility. Then the couple started kissing.

“I sat on his lap in the front seat of the car and we start making out,” Watts said.

Soon thereafter, a man from a nearby office came out and asked Watts and Lucas to “stop putting on a show.” Watts stressed to BuzzFeed News that she and Lucas were fully clothed and only kissing, but said they stopped anyway. She got out of the car and eventually called her dad to ask about family.

Watts criticized the police (justifiably in my opinion) for detaining her for no reason, and being racially motivated to do so.  Here’s the audio from Watts’ detainment acquired from TMZ:

Officer: Who’se the owner of the car?
Brian: That’s me.

Officer: And registration?

Brian: Nah. Unintelligible.

Officer: What about her ID?

Brian: Well I have her passport.

Daniele in background on phone: Daddy? Daddy can you hold on for one second? Hold on. Hold on. What’s the issue? (To Officer)

Officer: Somebody called the police saying there was lewd acts in the car. Doesn’t matter I have to ID you.

Daniele (Crosstalk): There’s no lewd act happening…we’re not doing anything.

Officer: Somebody called…

Daniele: I’m on the phone with my dad. This is my boyfriend, sitting in the car.

Officer: I want to see your ID. Somebody called which means it gives me the right to be here, so it gives me the right to identify you. By Law.

Daily Kos columnist Frank Vyan Walton interjects:

Someone calling gives him the right? Is that all it takes?
Isn’t that what we heard when somebody called to report a strong-arm robbery at the Ferguson Market, even though nobody working there felt the need to make that call? It’s still an open question that there even was a robbery in the first place. I’m at 60/40 that there might have been. But the point is that after encountering Michael Brown and initially telling him and his friend to “Get the fuck on the Sidewalk” and leaving – it would seem that that bystanders call is what made Officer Wilson GO BACK. Then the madness did ensue, and Michael Brown ended up dead.

Someone called about Kajiema Powell shoplifting and having a knife. Even if he cared more about the bystanders than the Police at the time, he still ended up Dead.

Someone called about Darrien Hunt walking around with a sheathed, blunt, Katana. He ended up Dead.

Someone called about John Crawford holding a BB Gun in Walmart. He ended up Dead.

Someone called about Jonathan Farrell trying to “break into their house” when he was really trying to get help after a traffic accident. He ended up Dead.

Someone called police when Chris Lollie was sitting in on a bench in an apparently public area waiting to pick up his kids. He refused to provide Police ID, so they Tased and Beat him into Submission. Not dead, but not unharmed.

Someone called the Police when 18 year-old Steve Lohner was walking down the street in Aurora CO with a shotgun over his shoulder. And after refusing to give police his ID, he was went on his way with merely a citation – and his shotgun. And an attitude. But then Steve Lohner looks like this… so… yeah.. whatever.

Back to the audio:

Daniele: Do you know how many times I’ve been called… the cops have been called just for being Black? I’m black and he’s white I’m just being real.
Officer: That is not…

Daniele: I’m just being really honest Sir.

Officer: Who brought up a Race Card?

Daniele: I’m bringing it up because…

Officer: I said nothing about you being black. [Edit: Actually he did according to Brian in the CNN interview shown below when he first walked up – but it’s not included in the audio]

Daniele: And I have every right to be here.

Officer: And I have every right to ask for you ID.

Daniele: And I have a right to say “No”.

Officer: No, you do not have a right to say “No”.

Daniele: Ok, well you can take me down to the court office and I can make a scene about it.

Officer: No.

Daniele: And you know what? I have a publicist. And I work as an actress at a studio.

Officer: I’m probably interested, that you have a publicist, but I’m gonna get your ID anyway.

Daniele: No, I’m going to say “No”. If you’d like my ID you can say that I’m resisting arrest…

Officer: There’s no resisting, you’re just interfering.

D: I’m saying that I’ve not done anything wrong. I’m on the phone with my father, my step-mom is dying…
O (Interrupting her as he does constantly) : Do you know that probable cause is?

D: Yes, and I have not… what is your probable cause?

O: I have probable cause.

D: I’m sitting here talking on the phone to my father.

O: We received a radio call. (Turns to Boyfriend) Can we have her ID please?

D: NO! You may not. You may not have my ID.

O: Send me a female officer please?

D: Please, please do.

O: I’m gonna get your ID one way or another. [In this post Ray Rice Era, anyone else feel a chill at these words?]

D: Fine. You can do whatever you like.

O: Yes. Yes, I am.

D: (Talking to Phone) Daddy? (Unintelligible – Voice grows fainter as she walks away)

O: Thank you for bringing up the Race Card, I Never Hear That.
[Not passive aggressive are we?]

D: (On Phone) Daddy I can’t believe it. (Unintelligible) All the things that are (Unintelligible), talking to the cops right now. I can’t make out with my fucking boyfriend in front of my fucking studio…

O: [Sarcastic] There ya go.

Boyfriend: We were like in our garage….

(Daniele getting more excited in the background): I don’t have to give him my ID. It’s my right (starts shouting) to sitting on the fucking street corner and make out with my boyfriend. It’s my right.

O: Keep yelling it really helps!

D: My dad wants to talk with you.

O: Nope.

D: Here he is on speaker phone. Daddy your own speaker phone.

Daddy on Phone : (Unintelligible)

D: He doesn’t care. He doesn’t care. I doesn’t matter you can call the cops on somebody. You can call the cops on somebody and all of sudden your a criminal. I’m just gonna walk away (voice grows fainter)

O: Great. I’d already be gone. Just so you know. I’d already be gone.

Boyfriend: (Garble) do you need my license?

O: I already have your license. I’d already be gone.

B: Yeah. (In exasperation) Oooohhh god.

O: Yeah. I’d be gone.

D: I don’t understand how we live in a free country where in at a parking lot and I’m making out with my boyfriend and I get arrested…
O: [To other officers] Gotta be careful. Little emotional.

D: How do we live in a free country? (Unintelligible) .. for nothing.

O: What’s your first name?

D: Sobs

O: Why do you think you’re in handcuffs.

D: Sobs.

O: Do you think we put you in handcuffs? Did we put you in handcuffs or did you do it?

O: (Incredulous) Did I put myself in handcuffs? (Yes, it is as crazy a question as it sounds)

O: Who do you think put yourself in handcuffs? (This is a direct quote, I swear to God!) Who do you think put you in handcuffs?

D: I think this Officer right here put me in handcuffs.

O: No! I think you did the minute you left the scene.

D: Yes, because i was….

O: Do you see?

D: …treated like a criminal…

O: Do you see the gentleman here in handcuffs? Is the gentleman here in handcuffs before you? No, he’s not.

D: (Sigh) Do you think that I’m stupid?

O: I don’t think you’re stupid at all. [Yes, apparently you do!]

D: What’s your first name Officer Parker?

O: My name is Sargent Parker and that’s all you need to know.

D: Why don’t…why do you need to know my first name but I don’t know yours?

O (Overtalking her, again!) Because I need to identify you as the source of radio call.

D: I think I’d like to identify you to my publicist, what’s your first name?

O: Now you see why your in handcuffs?

D: Why are you afraid of the news getting out that you’re arresting somebody – who was making out with her boyfriend?

O: I’ve been on the news many times.

D: Awesome.

Other Officer: (Unintelligible)
Danielle: Because you told me to turn around and face the wall, and I didn’t. Did he tell me to stay or did I tell him I was walking away while talking to my dad?

Officer Parker: (Unintelligible)

D: Did you hear him tell me to stay here?

Parker: You can’t walk away ma’am.

Boyfriend: He didn’t say anything as you walked away…

D: You didn’t say anything to me as I was walking away. [He was too busy complaining he “could have been gone” – saying it five times – to her boyfriend]

D: There is no reason, because I literally walked away from him – I was on the phone with my dad.
O: (To other officers who I assume now have her ID via her boyfriend): They both have no…

Other Officer: No Probation.

O: Not wanted for Murder? Nothing, right?

Other: No.

O: Do you see what time it is? 15 minutes ago, I would have been gone. [One more time quoting the opening line of “Oh Sherrie” and this guy is gonna owe Steve Perry some royalty money!]

D: What because I wouldn’t give you my ID? That was enough for me…

O: It is enough ma’am. It is enough. [Or rather it’s Not without a Hiibel in this jurisdiction]

D: That’s fine. This is not a problem for me.

O: Ok.

D: I’m gonna get all of your names.

O: It’s obviously a problem for you.

D: What is a problem for me, is that you think you’re better than me. And you think you have more power than me.

O: Oh. (Calmly, matter of factly) I do have more power than you.

D: … and that’s not true.

O: Yes.

D: So I’m gonna show you. You’ll see. Because we’re all equal, and (getting excited) that’s what our country is based on. The land of the free and the home of the brave. We are all equal.

O: Do you need paramedics? You want me to call paramedics for you?

D: (Sarcastically) Sure. I’d love a tranquilizer. (Unintellible) cuffs, yeah. It’s really exciting to see where my mind went.

O : (Still talking while she’s talking): I could call paramedics for you?

D: Just the fact that you just told me you have more power than me makes me want you wanna be (unintelligible) somewhere…

O: (Whining) But I do have more power than you here.

D: This situation, just because you have me in handcuffs does not mean you have more power than me

O: Oh, I do. When I tell you to do something you have to do it, that’s the law ma’am. [Kinda not!]

D: Clearly I didn’t have to do, because I still didn’t.

O: Do you want to be out of handcuffs?

D: I don’t know. I could sit here and talk to you all day, I’m just enjoying myself. [That’s gotta burn since “I coulda been gone…” six times now!] And if you have more charges for me, go ahead bring ‘em up.

O: We actually have no charges now. [No, kidding – so why is she in handcuffs still?]

D: So why am I still in handcuffs? [Yeah, why?]

O: Because you’re legally detained.

D: So why am I legally detained? [Here we go ’round the mulberry bush.. the mulberry bush.. the.. oh you get it.]

O: I asked if you wanted me to take the handcuffs off? [What is this a fucking game to him? Why do you need her permission for that?] Do you want me to take the handcuffs off?

D: I don’t know I want to make another Youtube video.

O: (Chuckles) You took something that would take five minutes and made it thirty. [I can see him pouting inside, that Coffee & Donut he was on his way to get so had his name on it!]

D: That’s great. I’m glad, because you guys are really showing me something about my country right now…

O: Mmmm.

D: And I’m really enjoying this conversation. [Guess whose got the power now? He wants to go, she’s making him stay!]

O: Ok. As soon as we’re done here we’ll show you a little more.

D: Great. Great. Can I have my phone please? Am I still required…

O: You’re still being detained.

D: Alright, we’ll let’s just make sure.

O: Yes.

D: Shall we take some selfies while were here? Y’know tweet about it, got arrested today.

O: You didn’t get arrested.

D: Oh, I got detained today. The cops thought that I was a threat. Oh, that’s good yeah.

O: No, actually the cops never called, we didn’t call, somebody else did. We’re here for a reason. [Yeah, it used to be called Miscegenation, but we’re much more civilized folk now!]

D: To protect and serve the people in the office up there, who were personally offended I’m making out with my boyfriend down here…

O: Wanna hear something even funnier?

D: I’ll bet there’s at least one person up there whose a racist. [Or at least a fucking busybody prude!] I’ll bet you, you’re a little bit racist.

O: Wanna hear something even funnier? We were about to have coffee. [What did I tell you!]

D: Yeah, god. It could’ve been a nice hot cup, but instead you gotta deal with me.

O: It would’ve been five minutes. [God, what a whiner!]

D: I know, and I’m still enjoying it. Cuz instead of fucking around in a coffee shop you get to fuck around with me. Public Service. You guys work for us don’t you?

O: I don’t work for you.

D: Isn’t that what you’re oath is, “To Protect and Serve”?

O: I work for anyone who calls for police service

O: This just took longer than I assumed.
D: I mean hey, this is your job.

O: Are you guys done with your DFI’s?

D: If you guys have to deal with crazy batshit fuckers like me every day…

O: You are?

D: That’s what you signed up for, I signed up for freedom. I thought America was the land of the free and home of the brave, y’know. I’m pretty fucking brave, but I don’t go around putting people in handcuffs, so y’know… I guess we all have our destinies. I serve freedom and love, you guys serve – uh – detainment. That’s cool. That’s fine.

O: I might have one (garbled) I’ll see you guys. Go ahead and take the cuffs off.

D: I hope when you’re fucking your spouses that you really feel like, alive y’know? That you feel thankful, full of gratitude for the freedom that you have. That you share with people of this country every day. I’m saying all this with love, y’know, really.

Female Officer: Do you want the handcuffs off right now?

D: Well, y’know I could sit here and shoot the shit with you guys all day, cuz I haven’t done anything wrong.

Female Officer: Stand up, turn around if you want the cuffs off.

D: Well this has been fun guys, really.

O: That’s it.

D: Really it has been.

O: It hasn’t been fun for me. [Awwww… it’s gonna get worse man]

D: I know, and that’s why at the end of the day I really have a lot of compassion for you guys.

O: [Talking over her, Again!] It’s not been fun for me.

D: Cuz you get to go around making people feel like they’re powerless. And you walk around with this full sense of power that’s not real, because at the end of the day… if you don’t work for me, if you say that you don’t work for me, that you’re not here to serve the people of this country…

O: I .. uh…I

D: …then you’re not living up to what you’re here for.

O: At any time, has anybody said anything disrespectful to you? [Oh, geez there were about 5 or 6 smartass rude degrading comments (“Little Emotional Here”, “Do you need a paramedic?”, “Keep yelling it really helps”, “I do have more power!”) by my count! But if he means swearing, Nope.]

D: You guys signed up for it, they’ve all said disrespectful things to me…

O: (As if talking to a child) What did they say?


O: What did they say that was disrespectful?

D: Y’know If I felt like you were coming from a place of love [and not snide condescension]

O: I’m not.

D: Exactly.

O: Did they say anything disrespectful to you at all? [Man, he’s like a dog with a bone… “I coulda been gone… did they say anything…” just can’t let GO!]

D: Yeah.

O: Tell me one thing that they said disrespectful?

Other Officers getting impatient: Sargent we really are leaving!

O: Yeah, I’m the Boss of everybody.

D: Y’know what’s interesting about all this? I don’t even know what…

O: Hey, I thank you. Heh heh…

Now TMZ is claiming that Watts and her boyfriend were having sex; and they have pictures to prove it. Or they think they do.  You tell me:

I see Daniele in clothes, and both her legs. I see a hand in the sunroof, and what looks like them making out. No sex though. The picture is a bit unclear so perhaps there is hanky panky in another shot.
Doesn’t look terribly different from the first image. Just a different angle. still see clothes on Daniele. I know you can have sex with your clothes on, but this image is far too unclear to support the claim that they definitely were having sex
I’m sensing a pattern here. The witnesses claimed the couple were having sex, but didn’t actually verify if that was the case. These pictures were taken, but they don’t show the couple having sex. They show-at best-the couple being intimate. These images support Watts’ comments that she and her boyfriend were making out.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t see any fucking.  Yes, it’s possible it happened, but these photos certainly don’t offer conclusive proof.  I think the witnesses needed to mind their own fucking business, bc there is nothing criminal about a black woman making out with her white boyfriend, unless you think like a white supremacist.

I certainly don’t think she needs to apologize for anything.  Civil Rights leaders in Los Angeles disagree:

Civil rights leaders Friday called for a “Django Unchained” actress to apologize after claiming Los Angeles Police Department officers racially profiled her.

Project Islamic Hope President Najee Ali, Los Angeles Urban Policy Roundtable President Earl Ofari Hutchinson and other civil rights leaders held a meeting at 9:30 a.m. denouncing Daniele Watts after a recent incident.

There’s something wrong when you’re trusting TMZ to be a reputable source of news.

No, that does NOT look like sex