Anti-gay bigot Linda Harvey wants to go clubbing

Linda Harvey of Mission America spoke to BarbWire columnist Gina Miller on her radio show this weekend, where the two reprised their attacks on LGBT rights as a demonic, destructive force.

Reflecting on a campaign to push for LGBT rights in Southern states, Harvey said anti-gay activists should have the same “kind of boldness” and go to pride parades and “places that are homosexual” like San Francisco, Provincetown and Key West.

Miller, however, cautioned that “a lot of the homosexual radicals are radical and they’re violent and vicious,” adding: “These people are vicious and we’re not. That’s the thing. We’re not vicious but we know the truth and the truth is on our side.”

I didn’t know that San Francisco was a “homosexual place”.  I mean, I knew that teh ebil gays like the city, but I didn’t realize that every person there was LGBT.  Same with Provincetown and Key West. You would think the LGBT community would have noticed this and said something years ago.

Or maybe she’s talking about going clubbing with us.  I’m not sure how this tactic is supposed to work, bc generally speaking when I go clubbing I’m looking to have fun, and with an attitude like hers, I don’t foresee much fun.  I think there might be some tension.

In the interview, Harvey also dismisses harassment faced by LGBT youth:

Harvey and Miller then dismissed a Human Rights Campaign survey on harassment of LGBT youth in states like Mississippi, Arkansas and Alabama, which they claimed — without any evidence to substantiate their claims — was a complete sham.

Miller said: “No I don’t believe it, while there may be some element of bullying — of course bullying happens all the time for various reasons in our schools, that’s the way kids are — but no, I don’t buy it and further they can easily make up these statistics…They’re using these kinds of statements whether they’re true or not to create a false image, a false impression that homosexuals are bullied and where is this rampant epidemic of homosexual kids?”

I guess in her world, all you have to do is believe really, really, really hard and reality bends to your wishes.  Oh, wait. I forgot she’s religious. She does think that’s how reality works.

Anti-gay bigot Linda Harvey wants to go clubbing
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