Police Brutality, Knowing your Rights, & Ferguson

In Florida, Non-Submission to a Police Beating is “Attempted Murder”


The assault began when an officer named Ronald Cannella who had attempted to pull over a man named Livingston Manners for allegedly running a stop light dragged the driver from his vehicle and threw him to the ground in a gas station. It’s quite likely that Manners, in justifiable fear for his safety, sought a well-lit area for the encounter with the brigand.

Security camera video shows that Manners was compliant and non-aggressive as the officer tried to “build the stop” by searching his vehicle. The officer eventually reached into the vehicle and pulled Manners from it, and the victim does nothing to resist, holding his hands face-up and to the sides. Cannella can be seen putting a forearm on the face and the throat of his victim, and then punching him repeatedly. Although no audio is available, it’s certain that this attack was punctuated with the rapist’s refrain, “Stop resisting!”

Cannella eventually places the victim on his back and appears to be attempting to place a chokehold on him. Manners defends himself with a maneuver similar to the “guard” position from Jiu-Jitsu, trapping the uniformed assailant’s arms and holding him at bay for roughly 45 seconds until the aggressor’s comrades arrive.

At no point in the struggle is Manners seen making an aggressive move, or touching the throat of the assailant. It is possible that the victim applied a lapel choke – but if he did so this came after Cannella had already repeatedly struck him and, apparently, attacked his own throat first.

Although Cannella claimed in his report that he feared for his life (the default emotional state of police officers, who are trained to see the public as enemy combatants rather than fellow citizens), and that during the ninety-second scuffle Manners choked him into unconsciousness, the cop is still on top and apparently in control when other officers arrived to beat and tase Manners into submission.

Cannella claimed that Manners “locked his legs around my body preventing my escape” while he “forcefully grabbed my throat and strangled me.” Yet in the video, Cannella displays no difficulty extricating himself and standing up once a fellow costumed enforcer arrived on the scene. Any breathing difficulty he experienced was most likely a reflection of his panic and poor cardiovascular conditioning, rather than actions taken by his victim.

In addition to the peculiar offense called “resisting without violence,” the charges against Manners include “attempted murder” for allegedly placing his hands on the throat of the armed and violent stranger who had him pinned to the ground, beating and attempting to choke him.

I become more and more disgusted with law enforcement as the days go by.  I had some idea that police brutality was bad, but I had not idea it was this bad.




Ferguson Aftermath: California City Tells Cops to Get Rid of Police MRAP


The Davis City Council adopted a resolution this week that orders the city to come up with a plan to drop the MRAP (mine-resistant ambush protected), originally developed for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and acquired by the city through a government surplus program. The armored vehicles have been distributed to local law enforcement agencies, especially after the wars wound down and the Pentagon’s budget was reduced.

A large crowd largely opposed to the city’s MRAP gathered at the city council meeting for the resolution vote. A petition had circulated around town calling for Davis officials to get rid of or repurpose the MRAP.

“I would like to say I do not suggest you take this vehicle and send it out of Davis, I demand it. I demand it!” announced a man attending the meeting wearing a “Tank The Tank” t-shirt, according to the local CBS affiliate.

Many in Davis are concerned that the military vehicle could be used against political demonstrations or protests, as was the case in Ferguson, Missouri earlier this month when local law enforcement responded to civil unrest over the police killing of an unarmed teenager with what many saw as a heavy-handed, militarized posture.



Commander Shoves Gun in Suspects Mouth, Taser in his Groin- Released Without Bond


Commander Glenn Evans of the Chicago Police Department, and 28-year department veteran, was released without having to post bond on Wednesday, despite being charged with two felonies.

Evans is charged with official misconduct and aggravated battery after prosecutors allege he put a gun deep in a suspect’s mouth as he was restrained, held a taser to his groin, and threatened to kill him.  The incident occured on Jan. 30, 2013, yet the officer was just stripped of hid badge and gun on Wednesday morning.

Evans is now working desk duty at police headquarters, and a dozen officers reportedly stood in during his bail hearing.

Police reports indicate the incident began when Evans saw his alleged victim, Rickey J. Williams, holding a handgun in the street. No weapon was recovered.  Williams was arrested for reckless conduct, but the charges were later dropped, according to the Sun Times.

The Sun Times also reports that dozens of citizen complaints have been filed against Evans over the past two decades, yet only two complaints have resulted in discipline.

The Chicago Tribune reports that at least nine excessive-force complaints were filed against Evans between 2001 and 2008 alone, and while he cost the city tens of thousands in payouts, he was not disciplined for any.


A Half Dozen Cops Beat This Homeless Man to a Pulp Then Attempt to Steal Witness Phones

In a horrifying 2 minute long video shared to Facebook on August 5, a mob of Antioch Police are seen violently attacking a handcuffed homeless man on the corner of L St. & Buchanan. The man was tased, hit with batons, bit in the face by a K9- twice, and rendered unconscious, according to witnesses.


What You Need to Know About Filming & Photographing the Police


Ferguson Man Forms an Inspiring Team with Cop Watchers to Hold Police Accountable

Amidst the infighting between Americans and polarizing coverage by the mainstream media over the justification of Michael Brown’s death, there lies a story unfolding in Ferguson that is less focused on the future outcome of the undoubtedly lengthy road to justice ahead of the community, and more focused on an immediate, practical solution
for the citizens of Ferguson. Among the perceived heroes and villains that have played their part in the neighborhood, a true leader is emerging. Thirty-four year old, father of three, David Whitt has taken it upon himself to step into the roll of peacemaker, communicator and innovator.

David lives about 500 feet from ground zero, where the Michael Brown and Darren Wilson confrontation began and ended. In his modest apartment, changing diapers and taking care of his family, it seems that David would be an unlikely candidate for the shoes which he has filled in his community since the watershed moment of Michael Brown’s death and the events that have transpired. However, don’t tell him that. David clearly states that he believes that it is his duty to take action and not stand by while his community scrambles for answers. He is providing an answer.

In a true act of fate, during the aftermath of the Brown slaying, David met a couple of activists that are helping his vision come to fruition. In his own words, David said, “God sent me two angels”. Showing his true character,  David invited these activists into his home where they lived with his family for the greater part of the past two weeks. Together they formed a plan to arm the citizens in David’s community. Not with guns or ammunition, but with cameras. Since the group initially had the idea, a couple of weeks ago, they have collectively raised over three thousand dollars to equip the community of Ferguson with 40 plus cameras.

Police Brutality, Knowing your Rights, & Ferguson

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