Facial Fun, Filipino Food and more in this link roundup

There isn’t really any thematic connective tissue to the following links.  They’re just stuff I’ve found around the net that I think are cool:

I’ve never had Filipino cuisine.  If these images are anything to judge by, I need to change that as soon as possible:

Cassava Cake
Pancit Palabok



These, and other Filipino dishes (along with links to recipes) can be found here.


The reason I became interested in Filipino cuisine is because I found images of this totally cool Filipino restaurant nestled at the foot of a waterfall:

From the link:

Asking to be seated at a table with a view is no problem at this Filipino restaurant. Located at the foot of the Labasin Falls in the Quezon Province, diners may enjoy authentic Filipino cuisine and the area’s natural splendor as fresh water streams through their toes. Nature and dining all in one? Now that’s my kind of travel.

Welp, The Ice Bucket Challenge Is Officially Over Thanks To Patrick Stewart


Gutter? What gutter?


99-Year-Old Woman Sews a Dress a Day for Children in Africa

(there are images at the link)

99-year-old Lillian Weber has a generous heart and sewing hands that just won’t stop. The Iowa-based woman spends hours every single day making a dress for small children who receive the clothing through the Christian nonprofit group Little Dresses for Africa.

For the past two years, Weber has made more than 840 dresses because, simply stated, she just wanted to help people. She uses a pattern to make the dress but she doesn’t stop there. She adds a few personal touches to each garment in order to make the items more unique and so that no two dresses are alike. Weber’s goal is to continue sewing 150 more dresses so that she can create her 1,000th dress by the time she turns 100 years old next May. “When I get to that thousand, if I’m able to, I won’t quit,” she recently said. “I’ll go at it again.” What an amazing story of generosity! You can learn a little more about Weber in the video below.


The world’s first zombie proof house

More images at the link


What does 200 calories look like?

What does 200 calories worth of food look like? The website Wisegeek conducted a study of 71 different edibles to find out. They proportioned things like peanut butter, canned beans, fruits, veggies, and even soda into 200 calorie quantities and photographed the results. It’s surprising to see what this actually looks like when on a plate.


Makeup Artist Paints Her Chin and Mouth to Look Like Cartoon Characters

Facial Fun, Filipino Food and more in this link roundup