This gives me the warm fuzzies

Quick:  which religious organization boycotts the funerals of military service personnel because they think the United States is embracing homosexuality and “god hates fags”?

If you guessed The Westboro Baptist Church, you’d be right.  If you didn’t guess them, then it’s time to crawl out from under that rock you’ve been living under.

The WBC is a deeply homophobic organization that are almost universally reviled (I’m sure there are some nice fundamentalist christian churches that agree with them, but you’d probably have to search far and wide to find them). Obviously, they got a case of the sadz when Michael Sam came out of the closet. What to do, what to do?  Hmmm.  Oh, I know!  They can boycott a ceremony at a basketball game in his honor.  It didn’t quite go how they wanted (I’m trying to drum up a tear to shed in the name of the WBC, but my eyes just don’t want to agree with me):

Thousands of people have turned out to block members of the Westboro Baptist Church from picketing a basketball game during which openly gay college footballer Michael Sam was to be honored.

The Westboro Baptist Church members traveled to Missouri on Saturday after Sam came out publicly, labeling the Tigers ‘fag enablers’ for tolerating Sam on the team and calling for the death penalty for homosexuality to be reinstated.

In response thousands of Sam’s supporters – many fellow students at the University of Missouri – formed a ring around the stadium and turned their backs on the church members.

‘The college campuses of doomed-USA are over flowing with proud fornicators and fags,’ church members said ahead of their protest action.

‘They are most concentrated on your sports teams, especially football — the favorite religion of this idolatrous superstitious lost nation. By the determinate counsel and foreknowledge of God, one of those foolish proud young men, Mike Sam, burst forth on the front pages, when he introduced himself in time for the NFL Combine & Draft as a proud fag football player, kicking off peals of perverse sin-justifying praise.’

Church members claimed that Missouri was famous for two things – ‘bestiality, and persecuting the saints of the Most High God.’

Student’s sang the University of Missouri’s school fighting song while keeping the church members away from the arena.

Photos of the human barrier soon went viral on Twitter, trending with the hashtag #StandWithSam.

Sam is expected to become the first openly gay professional American footballer to be chosen by a major team and several teams have already said they would be interested in him as a draft pick.


(yeah, the article is months old, but I’m just now hearing about it)

This gives me the warm fuzzies
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3 thoughts on “This gives me the warm fuzzies

  1. 1

    I noticed a headline earlier, claiming that Westboro has announced an intention to protest at Robin Williams’ funeral.

    I don’t think that is likely to go the way they’d like, either.

  2. 3

    Church members claimed that Missouri was famous for two things – ‘bestiality, and persecuting the saints of the Most High God.’

    Why does that remind me of basically every shit-sitting bad guy in professional wrestling, ever?

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