Big & Miraculous

Another casualty of DC’s New 52:

Big Barda and her husband Mister Miracle battle Parademons

Comics Alliance revealed that a Big Barda/Mister Miracle book was pitched by Ramón Pérez prior to the almost but not quite reboot of the DCU in 2011.  


Of all the characters that Jack Kirby created for DC Comics in the 1970s, a roster that includes OMAC and the Demon, the ones that have always resonated the most with readers are undoubtedly Mister Miracle and Big Barda. The story of a super-escape artist who fled an oppressive planet rather than be changed into something he wasn’t, and a fierce warrior who overcame her brutal conditioning and learned to love, and how they conquered evil is, one of the most compelling things Kirby created in a long and unmatched career in superhero comics, and it’s been a favorite of subsequent creators over the past 40 years too.

One such creator is Ramón Pérez, the Eisner-winning cartoonist of Jim Henson’s Tale of Sand, who revealed on Twitter this week that he pitched a Mister Miracle and Big Barda series that “died because of the New 52.”

Truly, we are living in a fallen world, but the good news is that you can at least check out a sample of Pérez’s work.

Pérez first wrote about this rejected pitch all the way back in 2010, but we missed it because we’re always incredibly busy, you know. The Mister Miracle idea was part of an initiative being developed for the now-defunct DC webcomics project Zuda.


I’ve read comics a long time, and I’m well aware of Barda and Scott, but reading the above was the first time that their essence was distilled in a way that appealed to me.  Combined with the art-which is super freaking fantabulous-I’d have bought the book in a New York minute (maybe in a Miami minute…not sure).  Click the link below for a few more amazing images from artist  Ramón Pérez.

(via Comics Alliance, image by  Ramón Pérez)

Big & Miraculous
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