Roundup of GOP stupidity

A GOP candidate from Maryland, Michael Peroutka, thinks evolution is un-American.   He’s also the same nitwit who donated a dinosaur skeleton to the Creation “Museum” earlier this year.  He’s another in a long line of people who have no idea what evolution is (it’s a scientific theory that is the best explanation for the diversification of life on the planet and it is backed with mounds of evidence), who associates the US with christianity (despite the fact that christianity is the dominant religion of the US, this country is not a christian nation, nor was it founded as such).  I really wish politicians like him were not in office.  Their position in office grants them a false air of credibility on the subjects the talk about and unfortunately a great many people will believe whatever falls out of the mouths of politicians without questioning them.


Conservatives also helped kill plans by a charity to open a facility to house 12-17 year children who are part of the wave of immigrants fleeing the violence in Central American countries.  Why would anyone do that, one might ask?  After all, these are children fleeing their countries for the safety of the United States.  We’re such a great nation, and these kids are simply trying to, y’know stay alive.  What problem do conservatives have with this?  They think the kids were going to be living in luxury on American taxpayers’ dime:

Conservative media have mostly ignored BCFS’ statement that the facility was going to be renovated and have used marketing images of the Palm Aire Hotel to leave the impression that the children would be housed in luxury conditions.

It is no secret that conservatives don’t like these children.  They think they are bringing diseases to the United States, that they’re a front for gang activity, and that they’re getting a free pass to stay in the country (the children are given health screenings and they’re vaccinated at the border, they’re fleeing gangs and gang violence, and minors have to appear in court for deportation proceedings).  Conservatives are positively foaming at the mouth over the arrival of tens of thousands of refugee children who are trying to escape dying by fleeing to the safety of the United States (over a thousand miles away).  Once again, their assertions fly in the face of reality.  It boggles the mind how these xenophobic assholes are incapable of googling information to determine if their fears and biases are true.  But just as their fears about the refugees are completely unfounded, so too were their fears of the facility proposed by the BCFS Health and Human Services:

The charity, BCFS Health and Human Services, received a federal contract to house the children at the current site of the Palm Aire Hotel and Suites in Weslaco, Texas. In  an interview with local TV station KRGV, BCFS officials said the facility would undergo a renovation to create a dormitory-style atmosphere at the facility.

The plans for the new facility had called  for 600 beds for children between the ages of 12 and 17. BCFS would have taken the children from Border Patrol custody and housed them for an average of 15 days. The group also  operates a facility in Harlingen, Texas, and a  temporary facility at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio.

BCFS withdrew its plans for the facility after the negative backlash from conservative circles.  To which I ask:  why?  Did the welfare of the children somehow become less important because conservative fuckwads are xenophobic?  That’s precisely the wrong reasons to abandon plans to help these children. The interior of the facility would have looked similar to this:

 The exterior would have looked like this:

 Neither is the “lap of luxury” FOX News pundits would lead viewers to believe.  


Finally, a GOP candidate for the House of Representatives in Minnesota shames women for having sex:

Sheila Kihne hopes to unseat state Rep. Jenifer Loon (R-Eden Prairie), who she claims is insufficiently conservative to represent the district. “People want a choice,” Kihne told Minnesota Public Radio. “I was at a point where I felt like I couldn’t vote for [Loon].”

On a blog she discontinued in 2009, she wrote that President Barack Obama was leadingthe one-world-order communists and demanded that single mothers be denied formal wedding ceremonies.

“Don’t you think that if you’re having a baby — and you’re not married — that you should forego the shower?” she asked. “I also think that if you get married — and are knocked up — you should get married quietly. At a courthouse, at a private home.”

No, I don’t think that. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with women having sex. Nor do I think there’s anything wrong with women getting pregnant without being married.  Your archaic, anti-feminist views are offensive and outdated.


Roundup of GOP stupidity