Creating and Finding Progressive Secular Content Online

This panel will feature podcasters, YouTubers, and bloggers who create progressive secular content. Guests will discuss the challenges in creating such content, ways viewers can find, support, and elevate such work, and perhaps start their own shows/blogs.

11 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. CDT, Sunday April 15

To submit a question for the Q&A of this panel, please leave a comment below. Questions that are actually questions will receive priority.


Kristi Winters is a feminist, atheist, progressive, and social scientist. She does YouTube activism and sometimes drama. Slayer of anti-feminist giants.

Steve Shives is a YouTuber (but not one of the rich/awful ones). Social justice advocate. Progressive atheist. Tries to do good. He produces social commentary and smartassery of a generally respectable quality, sometimes with stuffed animals.

Chrisiousity is a feminist agnostic. She creates videos and blogs about feminism, politics, agnostic spirituality, art, movies and music

Eiynah is a woman, writer, illustrator, and podcaster of Pakistani/Muslim background who often critiques religion, both the far-right in the East and the West. While she critiques Islam, she loathes anti-Muslim bigots.

Creating and Finding Progressive Secular Content Online

7 thoughts on “Creating and Finding Progressive Secular Content Online

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    I’m thinking of doing something on YouTube or in a blog format. Any advice as to which to do first, if either. I’d be a neophyte in either format, and I only have the basic webcam at this point. Oh, and I’m nearly 70 so my experience is often much different from you young whippersnappers on YT today. Might that be an ‘in’ or hook for this work?

  2. 2

    I’d be curious about the panel’s thoughts on secular people who aren’t specifically atheists and if they should be included within the secular movement. I’ve dealt with several people within the movement who believe that the MOST you can be outside of atheist is agnostic, but you cannot be anything else and call yourself secular. It feels highly reductionist and exclusionary to me, but I’m someone standing on the outside looking in these days due to my concerns with stepping back into the movement.

  3. 3

    if the definition of a bigot is “One who is strongly partial to one’s own group, religion, race, or politics and is intolerant of those who differ.” how do you believe that you are not bigots in that you fit this description exactly as much as the people you tend to brand as bigots

  4. 4

    #3: That’s just a wordier version of complaining about being intolerant of the intolerant. You’re ignoring the fundamental problem that the people we oppose are actively promoting hatred and discrimination against others for the crime of simply existing.

  5. 6

    i am talking about the people that oppose ideas merely because they are different than they ideas or beliefs they themselves hold. demonstraded by the very fact that you felt the need to defend that act

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