All the Small Things

We see the Emma Gonzalezes out there, but what can those of us with a different skill set do to support the movements we love?

2 p.m. – 3 p.m. CDT, Sunday April 15

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Nicole Harris does feminist and social justicey things, most recently in the sanctuary movement. She thinks hiking and backpacking are rad too.

Michael Cluff is the president of South Jersey Humanists, and worked for Atheist Alliance of America, where he contributed to the magazine and co-hosted the Secular Nation podcast.

Autumn Reinhardt Simpson is an author and feminist theologian who has been writing, appearing on television and speaking internationally about abortion rights and feminism since 2010 when she founded Richmond Clinic Defense to help escort patients past protesters at an abortion clinic in Richmond, Virginia. She has spoken to hundreds of people over the years and has written for numerous outlets both academic and popular. Autumn runs a one-woman ministry which provides women with transportation, housing, and accompaniment as they seek abortion care. She is the author of The Humanist Celebrant Handbook (Humanist Press, 2018) and is currently at work on her second book about nontheistic Christianity.

Heather Hegi is the longtime chair of Minnesota Atheists. She’s passionate about atheist rights and wants to make our voices heard.

All the Small Things

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