The Many Problems of Steven Pinker

Steven Pinker has been a popular figure in the atheist/skeptic sphere for some time, but if you take a deep look at that tapestry of his work you’ll start to see some troubling threads. In this panel, we’ll take turns seeing what happens when we give them a tug: do things unravel? Or does the tapestry stay together?

7 p.m. – 8 p.m. CDT, Saturday April 14

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H.J. Hornbeck is the Evidence-Based Feminism guy. He also yells at clouds! H.J. blogs at Reprobate Spreadsheet on Freethought Blogs.

William Brinkman works in logistics, and has maintained the Bolingbrook Babbler since 1998. (Now at Freethought Blogs.) He’s also been an editor at an alternative publication based in Iowa, and a contributor for White Wolf’s Demon: The Fallen game line. William’s has been active in the Chicagoland secular community, and is involved in a humanistic congregation.

The Many Problems of Steven Pinker

5 thoughts on “The Many Problems of Steven Pinker

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    We’re spending our time waiting for this stream to begin by watching “Steven Pinker on Sex Differences, Human Nature, and Identity Politics (Pt. 1)” and yelling at it. 😀

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    OK fine I’ll share a thought. In the aforementioned video, SP tried to claim that it was “political correctness” that was to blame for the election of Trump, because we all were too afraid to talk about the difficult issues, so we got surprised by them. Care to chat about that a bit?

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    Andy Smeler@3:

    Hopefully we covered that well enough in the video. I’ll be checking in on this comment section in the next few days, though, so either I or Brinkman can follow up.

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