Support the Ones Who Are Doing the WORK!!!

There’s a lot to improve in the secular community, however there are lots of organizers and speakers who provide great content and programming. If you are tired of what is considered mainstream in the movement, please support the ones who don’t get the recognition they deserve. Mandisa will explain how you can do this, as well as point out some activists, organizers and speakers you can support!

10 a.m. – 11 a.m. CDT, Saturday April 14

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Mandisa Thomas is the founder and President of Black Nonbelievers, Inc. Mandisa currently serves on the Boards for American Atheists and the Reason Rally Coalition, and previously for Foundation Beyond Belief and the Secular Coalition for America. She also is an active speaker, and has presented at conferences/conventions for the Freedom from Religion Foundation, Secular Student Alliance, and many others.

In 2011, Bridgett Crutchfield founded Minority Atheists of MI, and founded Detroit affiliate of Black Nonbelievers in 2013. In 2016, she spearheaded a GoFundMe campaign which raised $7,000 for Flint, MI residents. Bridgett and collaborators then delivered water and baby wipes to Planned Parenthood of Flint, in addition to donating remaining minutes to Genesee County Flint Water Fund. Bridgett has a heart for newly identified Atheists, those who’ve been hurt within the secular community, and assisting those who are interested in forming alliances with the African American community.

Support the Ones Who Are Doing the WORK!!!

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    Hi Mandisa and Bria, glad to have the opportunity to see and listen to you at OrbitCon this morning. Thanks once again for the work you are doing.

    My question relates to the opportunity for Black Nonbelivers to support and work with persons in the Black diaspora outside the US. Is there scope for this? I am particular thinking in respect to Canada where I live now and in the Caribbean where I come from originally and have done some activism.

    I see the need for support for both individuals and organizations, for one thing in terms of providing that resisting voice against religion in regions where it’s still taboo to speak up ( this is what concerns me about the Caribbean) and from another perspective, making sure that secular persons of colour have support for issues that specifically affect them within the atheist/ secular movement ( this is more what concerns me about Canada).

    I know you in the US have had to deal with both of these issues. Will be great to hear your responses.

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