Atheism in the Diaspora

For people from cultures tightly intertwined with a specific religion, becoming an atheist can mean a crisis of identity. How do you maintain your connection to such a culture as an atheist? How do you decide what’s worth keeping and what to leave behind? How do distance and alienation affect those decisions? Do you even want to? What do you build in the spaces left behind by what you lost? What does community really mean, with all of the above in play?

7 p.m. – 8 p.m. CDT, Friday April 13

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Alyssa Gonzalez writes on transgender, Hispanic, atheist, autistic, and immigrant issues. She lives in Ottawa with several pets and her Pokemon fanfiction.

Faye is a trans woman estranged from her bio family due to a combination of abuse and violence. As an adult, while investigating her family history through various means, she discovered she was Irish Romani, and has since been (largely unsuccessfully) trying to connect with this part of her past.

Ashley is a two-spirit trans woman actively involved in the Ottawa area community and holds a B.A. in Human Rights

Heina Dadabhoy a writer, speaker, and presenter interested in sharing knowledge, research, and personal experiences on topics including but not limited to Islam, atheism, feminism, deconversion, and theodicy.

Atheism in the Diaspora

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