Ace/Aro Atheists

This is an open-ended panel discussion with asexual and/or aromantic spectrum individuals who will discuss their personal experiences and how they intersect with their atheism/secularism. We’ll explore issues facing aces and aros today, including the question of how to move beyond just awareness, and what it means to be have an identity that is commonly defined by a negative.

2:30 p.m. – 4 p.m. CDT, Saturday April 14

To submit a question for the Q&A of this panel, please leave a comment below. Questions that are actually questions will receive priority.


Siggy blogs at A Trivial Knot on FTB, and The Asexual Agenda.

Emily Karp blogs at From Fandom to Family and is on twitter at @luvtheheaven.

Sennkestra is an (a)sexuality nerd, local ace community organizer and blogger at

Ace/Aro Atheists

6 thoughts on “Ace/Aro Atheists

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    Q&A is open for this panel, please add comments here if you have any questions for the participants! *

    *(Assuming they can get to them by the end of the discussion.)

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    Hi folks! Thanks for a great panel.

    I’m listening to Siggy talking about his history as an atheist, and looking forward to hearing how that intersects with being ace for other people.

    Here’s my question: people who don’t accept ace people are marginalised sometimes suggest there’s no religious hostility toward us. How does that compare with people’s experience here?

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    One way for atheists to make more room for aro/ace people: there’s already a big overlap of atheism and polyamory. Make space to include us in those discussions of alternative relationship styles.

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