Announcing the First OrbitCon

What is OrbitCon?

OrbitCon is an online conference run by The Orbit. It’s modeled after FtBconscience, Freethought Blogs’ series of conferences. The first OrbitCon will be April 13-15 and will feature panel discussions held via Google Hangout and preserved on YouTube. We’d like to take this opportunity to invite you to submit one or more panel proposals for the conference.

Panels should broadly fit The Orbit’s themes of atheism, activism, and culture and our identity as a social justice network. That doesn’t mean they have to be super serious, solemn discussions. We’re anticipating a music “panel” that includes performance, and we’ll be shocked if we don’t have panels on Steven Universe and Black Panther.

Attendees need only access to YouTube. Panelists need only a webcam, internet access, and a quiet place to record for an hour. We’ll provide technical support to make participation possible. We particularly welcome conversations the atheist and secular humanist movements aren’t already having and those that benefit audiences who aren’t able to travel to traditional conferences.

If you have a panel idea check out our sign-up form to find out what information we need from you.

Educate us. Inspire us. Entertain us.

Announcing the First OrbitCon