Cameras and CONvergence

(Originally started as a Facebook post, but it got too long.)

So I have three camcorders of varying quality (thanks, dad! Seriously he ends up with extras of all kinds of stuff and I get free hand-me-downs, it’s pretty great).

The two newer ones have apparently-interchangeable batteries (having tested it one-way at least–the other battery is totally dead) and all three charge via an extremely short USB cord directly out of the camera; I have no dock for any of the batteries.

I’m pretty sure I have one female>male USB extension cord, I’d just have to look around and find it. I’ve got standard-issue USB wall adapters for wherever there’s an outlet, there are designated charging stations at the venue, and I’ll have my laptop and charger with me.

I have a 32GB micro-SD card that can be mostly emptied, and access to a second 32GB card with an unknown amount of data on it, both of which are compatible with all three cameras (though the newest one requires an SD adapter, which I have). The newest camera also has 16gb of on-board flash memory.

I have no idea what the comparable audio quality is like between the three of them, but they’re all currently programmed to record 1920×1080 60fps HD video.

My tripod fits all three cameras. My panels are scattered across three of the four convention days. Methinks I’ll be able to easily record my five panels and perhaps others if they’re interesting enough, even just bringing the two newer cameras and using the poorer one as a battery and micro-SD card protector/charger.

If I’m quick about it, we’ll have a room at the venue hotel, so I’ll have access to wifi all day and a room that’s easy to retreat to/grab things from.

However, my laptop is very old, so I’ll have to test its ability to run (probably way too big) files through Handbrake and see if I can install an older version of Premiere on it. Otherwise, I won’t really be able to upload vlogs or panels while I’m there, but that isn’t the end of the world.

I’m just excited at the prospect of recording all my panels for the first time, and I think it’ll be pretty easy to do.


The Cameras (from newest to oldest, if you’re interested):
Sony HDR-PJ380
Sony HDR-CX330
Sony HDR-CX240

Cameras and CONvergence

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