CONvergence Panels!


CONvergence is coming up soon, here in just over a month, and the events schedule has been posted! Which means that I now know and can share with you which panels I’m going to be on!


*ahem* Anyway, the full schedule is available here, so you can check out all the amazing things that are going to be happening. There’s an art show, movie screenings, a pie contest, and signings. And, of course, panels!

I’m going to be on six(!) panels this year, so here’s my schedule for those who are interested:


  • 2:00pm Breaking Into YouTube – How do you start your own YouTube channel? We’ll talk about everything from making your own videos and starting a YouTube channel to getting subscriptions and more.
  • 8:30pm Game of Thrones – Season 6 takes us beyond where the books left off (at least until Martin finishes the next book in the series). How does this season compare to seasons before? Which characters and storylines have met or exceeded expectations and which have fallen short?


  • 11:00am Best of YouTube – The best YouTube channels that you’re not watching.
  • 8:30pm Debunking Gaming Myths – Do games make you more violent? Is gaming inherently damaging or a waste of time? We’ll discuss the truth (or lack thereof) behind common myths about gaming and gamers, including what studies have shown and what they have not. [I might actually have to do a bit of research for this one.]


  • 10:00pm Sexual Quandaries – It’s become more and more evident that there’s massive crossover in the geek and kink communities, even in the works we love. This is a chance to learn, and ask questions, about sexuality, gender, fetishes – and find out just what the heck THAT means!


  • 11:00am Filled With Determination: The Undertale Panel – Want to squeal/sob about your favorite Undertale characters, plotlines, and secrets? Want to talk about how queerness and nonbinary gender is represented in the game? Have cool theories to share? Bring all your determination to this panel!

There you have it! Each panel is an hour long, and you can find all the other information in the link above, such as who else will be on the panels and what rooms they’ll be in.

I’m especially excited about the Undertale panel! Which means that I definitely need to finish playing that game before CON comes around so I can be informed and not spoil the ending for myself. XD

The calendar will continue to be updated as we get closer to the convention. I also wanted to mention that my partner person will be doing an origami workshop! I’m not sure what day or time that will be because it isn’t yet on the schedule. But it’s still super cool!

I will also be wandering around the vendor room, seeing other interesting panels, and walking the party room circuit, so if you’d like to say hi, please do!

Looking forward to another amazing con experience and to seeing all my wonderful friends!

CONvergence Panels!

3 thoughts on “CONvergence Panels!

    1. 2.1

      I know that there were livestreams of certain panels at PAX East this year. (Here I reveal that I’m really really into Markiplier and Jacksepticeye because I watched that hour+ long panel even though the sound got messed up 20 minutes in.) So, clearly it’s possible.

      I just checked the CONvergence website and found no indication that they provide videos of anything, and found a YouTube channel affiliated with the con, but the most recent videos are from 2011. If I don’t forget, I’ll ask someone affiliated with organizing the convention if it’s possible to do that for at least some of the panels in future years. They’d probably keep it exclusive to things happening in the main hall and the bigger rooms, since there are a lot of panels and such happening at the same time over the course of four days.

      Now that I think of it, I might try to record the panels I’m on. So far as I can tell, there’s no policy against recording panels, though I might only be able to do audio and transcribe it later. Regardless, I’ll see if I can rangle something up.

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