Frivolous Fridays: NEW SEASON OF GoT!

»Frivolous Fridays are the Orbit bloggers’ excuse to post about fun things we care a lot about that may not necessarily have serious implications for politics or social justice. Although any day is a good day to write about our passions outside of social issues, we sometimes have a hard time giving ourselves permission to do that. This is our way of encouraging each other to take a break from serious topics and have some fun.«

Welcome to a new thing we’re doing! As the blurb says, we want to encourage each other to blog about whatever we want to our heart’s content. I definitely feel obligated to write about Serious Important Business every time I blog here, so we thought it would be nice to have an open day to talk about silly things that don’t necessarily have to make a punchy point. It mixes the solemnity of what many of us write about with some levity, so it doesn’t become overwhelming to you or our bloggers.

[Note: It has occurred to me that it’s April Fool’s Day, but this is not related to that.] :p

On to the silly thing!

I am ridiculously excited about the upcoming season of Game of Thrones. I forget it’s happening and then something pops up in my newsfeed to remind me of the impending return of one of my favorite shows.

And then I get all giddy and hand-flappy and have to start reading about something else to quell the rush of emotions. :p

What’s interesting is that, most of the time, I hate watching a show until it’s run its course. Or at least until the full season is out. Having to wait for episodes to come out is agonizing and I prefer to be able to just sit down and marathon at my leisure. This will only be the second time I’m watching a show as it comes out. The one other time I did that was with season 8 of Doctor Who. (I still haven’t taken the time to watch season 9. I’m getting tired of Clara.)

When I do watch a show as it comes out, or if there’s an impending new season, I typically try to avoid everything I can about what the content of the upcoming season will be. I remember being sooo upset learning about the Snowmen even being a thing before the Christmas special of Doctor Who came out a couple years ago. And when I was watching season 8 week-by-week, I would always turn the episode off before it got to the “Next Time on Doctor Who” portion. I wanted to come to the next episode having no idea what was going to happen.

With GoT, I’m actually interested in reading actor and writer commentary about what’s going to happen. I watched the trailer for the season, which is something I don’t think I’ve ever done. My first dilemma with this was with a photoset from the upcoming season coming across my feed, and I sat there like… do I click it? ……….. Yes I must know I must see. And now whenever news pops up about it I’m avidly interested in checking it out to gleen what I can from it.

It’s possible that this interest is the result of the horrifying end to season 5. [No spoilers, but all I have to say is LADY MELISANDRE IS AT THE WALL.] Basically everybody’s storyline is at a tipping point and beloved characters have uncertain futures. The entire political sphere might be about to change dramatically.

And I can hardly contain myself waiting to see what’s going to happen next.

Frivolous Fridays: NEW SEASON OF GoT!

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