Trans Survey Available to Take!

Hey, all! The survey I mentioned last month is now available for trans participants to share information about themselves (anonymously) to improve our understanding of how trans people live in the U.S.

I just finished taking it, would love for you to take it if you’re trans and want to do it also, and here’s a link:

Trans Survey Available to Take!

One thought on “Trans Survey Available to Take!

  1. AMM

    I tried to take it over the past 45 minutes. I gave up and will try again. Why?

    1. Very, very slow response time. I gave up when the gateway (web server?) gave a time-out error. I’ll try in the morning, hopefully at 5:00 a.m. Eastern Time there’ll be less load.

    2. Some of the questions that were based on previous answers said or implied I had answered those previous questions differently. I don’t know if the fact that I had JavaScript turned off had anything to do with it — it let me take the survey. I’ll try again (with JavaScript) and see if it works any better. If I still have the problem, I’ll hunt around for someone to complain to.

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