Lux has started testosterone!

Hey all! I started taking testosterone almost a month ago, and I decided to record the first self-administered injection I did. I’m not providing a transcription for this since there isn’t much continuous speaking, but I hope you enjoy watching me flounder.

TW for needles and stabbing.


Lux has started testosterone!

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      That’s good advice. Yeah, I need to figure out how to shave. It’s not needed yet but eventually I’ll probably need to do it at least a little. I have a friend who asked, “Is it weird that I want to teach you how to shave?” Answer: no.

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    “Wibbly wobbly”? Nice shirt. Congrats on getting started, finding doctors that help, and having the commitment to get past the tough stuff.

    I hope the doctors/hospital/clinic gave you a good tutorial and practice. Watching you or someone else self-injecting or being injected doesn’t bother me, but I get nauseous and dizzy seeing needles going into my own skin. I really don’t know if I could ever make myself do that, plus I would fear giving myself an embolism. I’m really hoping patches or ointment will suffice when I get that far.

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      Thanks, that’s my favorite shirt. =]

      They actually didn’t give me a demo of how to do it when I went to the doctor, but everything she told me about it was almost identical to what I read on WikiHow. I was really freaked out about accidentally giving myself an embolism or injecting it into a vein (which is a big no-no), but apparently I didn’t die. XD

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    Cis-male, I’ve shaved in the shower for decades, and never bothered with shaving cream. It’s the last thing I do before turning off the water; meaning my fairly heavy beard has had time to soak and soften. Shaving cream is just soap — with maybe a few contaminants added for marketing purposes — and I don’t see the need to buy it pre-lathered. I keep one of those travel mirrors in the shower so I can watch the road.

    Just my $0.02

    Weird Teacher of Shaving to Trans-People.

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