And people complained about MY Venn diagrams!

These ads for some service called Speck apparently ran recently in New York. I’m sure New Yorkers have more important things to worry about right now, but I thought I’d catch the rest of you all up on this ad, which completely mangles the very concept of the Venn diagram to a far greater degree than I ever could.

Speck ad: Venn diagram of three circles labeled 'People who live in SoHo', 'People who live in NoHo', and 'People who can afford their rent', with the Speck logo in the triple overlap.

Copyranter has more. Apparently the entire ad campaign is predicated on making three mutually exclusive categories and saying their service, Speck, is for people who are in the overlap between them. When people got annoyed, their response was apparently “lol we’re dumb.” Yeah, I have to say that advertising a service as being for exactly zero people isn’t the best way to sell your service.

Okay, in THIS case, Speck might be for the super-rich people who own two houses in two separate districts of town, and can afford them both. That’s still not exactly defining a huge niche for your product.

(Inb4 trolls saying “they’re still better than yours!”)

And people complained about MY Venn diagrams!