Mock The Movie: Killer Condom transcript

I didn’t get to join in on this Troma film last Wednesday, sadly. However, it seems like the participants were actually pretty content with the movie as-is, as the mocking was pretty thin.

Which I simply can’t get my head around, given that it’s a Troma movie about condoms that murder people.


CA7746 provides the subtitle file, which I’ll likely use later tonight to watch it myself. He’s also still digging through our archives and has done a subtitle file for Maniac in white-text only, and in color. I’m going to put together a Mock The Movie page as soon as I scrape together the time to do so, to hold links to all our previous mockings and transcripts.

Here’s our calendar of upcoming events. You can also subscribe to the iCal file.

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Mock The Movie: Killer Condom transcript