Mock The Movie: In The Year 2889 transcript (and subtitles file!)

With little further ado, here’s the transcript for this week’s Mock The Movie. It was a stinker. It was like a psychological drama and a monster movie mashed up, with all the interesting bits removed. Yes, even the senseless deaths.

For the subtitle file, in case you want to watch In The Year 2889 in VLC with the tweets as subtitles, here is the script. Right-click, save-as. It’s uploaded as a .txt file, thanks to stupid server restrictions, so change the extension to .srt . Rename it to exactly the same name as your copy of the video, put it in the same folder, and VLC should pick it up and display them automatically. Thanks once again to CompulsoryAccount7746 for the script and doing the conversion.
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Mock The Movie: In The Year 2889 transcript (and subtitles file!)

Mock The Movie: In the Year 2889

Promotional poster for In The Year 2889

This Thursday at 9pm EST (UTC-5), we’ll be sneaking a peek into our distant future, where cannibal telepath supermutants harangue some atomic war survivors. Judging from the reviews on IMDB, it looks like the primary pass-times in the future are drinking moonshine, complaining, and being eaten. I mean, what else are you going to do when your neighbor not only knows your dirty little secrets, but is also trying to eat you?

This one’s by Larry Buchanan, whom I’ve never heard of. Reviews suggest this guy’s as good as Ed Wood, so I’m sure we’re in for a real treat.

As always, here’s how we do this thing.

– First, follow @MockTM on Twitter. Yes, you’ll need Twitter to participate.

– Grab a copy of the movie from in advance, or simply stream it directly from the server if your computer/browser/network connection can handle it. Movies from are public domain, so it’s free. We try to alternate between public domain / freely-available movies, and paid services or geo-locked services like Netflix and Hulu, as much as possible so everyone can participate.

– At 9pm EST, we’ll all press play at the same time. This might require a tiny bit of coordination in advance, since all of us love to shout “annnnnd NOW”.

– As the movie plays, we all snark at it. To avoid filling up your friends’ stream, we’ll prefix all our snarkery with @MockTM, so people won’t see those tweets unless they also follow @MockTM.

To watch other snarkers while you’re participating, either use the Twitter search function (remember to hit All!), or grab a Twitter client that allows making a stream column for a search. I use Seesmic presently, though Tweetdeck may or may not suit your needs.

Friday morning, I’ll try to have a transcript of everyone’s snarkery posted so you can see what you missed or relive the experience. CompulsoryAccount7746 will usually convert this into a subtitle file so you can overlay the snark if you watch the movie with VLC later, though I’ll probably forget (as always) to upload it and you’ll have to email me for it.

Mock The Movie: In the Year 2889