Thibaulting is the new Tebowing

Via @artologica on Twitter, evidently someone caught a snapshot of French Canadian goalie Jocelyn Thibault on one knee. This is, of course, meme-worthy.

Jocelyn Thibault in a one-knee pose quite similar to Tim Tebow's praying pose

One of these days I’m going to have to give in and ape Tebow’s prayer pose myself. Only, maybe, picking up a penny. Or petting a cat. Certainly, catching me in something like a prayer is honestly no worse and no less hypocritical than a faithful Christian violating Matthew 6 blatantly like Tim Tebow keeps doing.

(Yes, all three of our surnames are pronounced the same.)

Thibaulting is the new Tebowing

Thank you note from the Stanley Cup Challenge

A thank you note hit my inbox from the Donors Choose challenge that I’d highlighted, asking for donations to give kids in Seattle some hockey equipment. Mr. Mauch writes:

Thank you all so much! I know my students will be stoked. We played in the past with a foam hockey set that was shared among 10 other schools. Broken or dilapitated sticks over the past couple years have made it difficult to play and now we don’t play anymore.
Students loved playing it in the past and your generosity in funding this project will bring renewed excitement and ownership of the equipment we will be able to use any time we choose.
Thank you again for your support.

With gratitude,
Mr. M

Thought you folks would like to know, given that my reader, John, gave the last $116 they needed to put this one over the top. Cheers!

Thank you note from the Stanley Cup Challenge

Donors Choose – Matching Dollars, Today and Tomorrow Only!

Today’s the Rapture Mk. III. What do you need your money for, if you’re going to be bodily swept away to heaven? Leave it to a good cause! For instance, the various causes I’ve added to my Donors Choose challenge. And today and tomorrow only, the good people in charge of the Science Blogs Challenge are matching all donations. That’s right — until Saturday at midnight EST, your dollars will have double impact.

It seems other bloggers have offered real things as incentive, rather than intangibles like the title of “Honorary Canadian”. I don’t have much I could offer you kind folks, though. I mean, I’ve got a dead computer power supply with bad capacitors… some old grocery receipts and other various scraps of paper. Oh, I DO have a can of Campbell’s harvest minestrone with real parmesan(!!), with reduced sodium. I suppose if people really really want the can of soup, I could skip lunch today, if it means some kids in significantly underprivileged areas have a chance to learn how amazing our world is. Would you offer your donations in exchange for a can of soup?
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Donors Choose – Matching Dollars, Today and Tomorrow Only!