How to build the gynocracy in six easy steps

Don’t have much for the blog for today, but I thought I’d point you to an exercise in creating a point-by-point guide on how to be a misandrist over at More ^than Men. It’s pretty much a walkthrough for how to build the gynocracy.

MRAs, anti-feminists, and general dudebros are fond of responding to feminists and just-not-horrible people (especially women) by whining making strongly worded claims of misandry. Inspired by the amazing How To Be A Reverse-Racist: An Actual Step by Step List For Oppressing White People by A. D. Song and Mia McKenzie I’ve created this handy guide to using the inherently unfair (to men) system to create a gynocratic fempire that I would like to call Misandria.

Go read.

I’ll try to write something tonight or tomorrow about the “no touching without consent” aspects of the harassment policies, pointing to some comments that I’d gotten on my post about how these harassment policies really don’t limit talking about religion. (In short, yes, we’re totally trying to be killjoys by suggesting that maybe you should know if someone consents to you chewing on their leg or what-have-you.)

How to build the gynocracy in six easy steps