Congratulations to Rieux and his wife!

Good news — FtB commenter Rieux’s wife has delivered their expected baby.

Off-topic: at 8:17 this morning, it’s a boy. (Or at least AMAB, if that’s better stated.)

6 pounds 14 ounces, 19.25 inches, 22 hours of back labor by a mom who demonstrated unbelievable guts and stamina in 3 hours of grueling pushing. Then he wrecked the Apgar curve.

Now bedtime. Explaining how rape culture is nasty bullshit that all us XYs have a responsibility to resist will come soon enough.

(Not snark.)

Yeah. I’m spent and unable to get all the blogosphere things written that I want to write, and I just travelled. I just don’t have an experiential framework in which to empathize properly with how spent your family must be.

Congratulations to Rieux and his wife!