Biting political satire!

I did what I could. My skills are modest at best.

Donald Trump in the iconic Benito Mussolini SI SI SI billboard

No but seriously, dude’s a straight-up fascist, and a big chunk of your country is creaming itself with joy at the prospect.

When President Trump takes office, I fully expect that I’ll be marked an enemy of the state and I’ll have to beat a hasty retreat, all because I ‘shopped something mean and am jealous and a yooge loser.

Biting political satire!

8 thoughts on “Biting political satire!

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    Dave Neiwart makes a pretty good argument that Trump, whilst extremely dangerous, isn’t technically a full-blown fascist:

    Trump is not fascist primarily because he lacks any kind of coherent, or even semi-coherent, ideology. What he represents instead is the kind of id-driven feral politics common to the radical right, a sort of gut-level reactionarism that lacks the rigor and absolutism, the demand for ideological purity, that are characteristic of full-bore fascism.

    Donald Trump May Not Be a Fascist, But He is Leading Us Merrily Down That Path

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    Wait, aren’t you living safely in Canada Lousy Canuck?

    Of course, if Trump did become POTUS its likely that nowhere on Earth would be exactly safe as a result but still..

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    In all seriousness, if you beat a retreat, can I join you too? Though I might need to find an employer with a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment first…

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