Pat Robertson geeettttttts dunked on!!!


Sans battle sprite from Undertale, with glowing eye

Undertale spoilers. Below the fold.

So, if you play through the entire game of Undertale being a total shitheel, murdering indiscriminately, Sans’ brother Papyrus is among your death tally when you face him. Sans is ostensibly “the easiest enemy”, the chillest character in the game, always in a hoodie and fuzzy slippers, always making skeleton puns. In game, he is listed as having only 1 defense and 1 offense.

But he judges your sins by the end of the game, your Execution Points and your Level of Violence, and if he sees that you’ve effectively murdered everyone in the Underground, he straight up tells you that kids like you “should be burning in hell”. Then he wrecks your shit, because he’s actually the hardest opponent in the game.

It’s possible Payton’s daughter had fan art of Sans that referenced these events, like this one, but Robertson should know that Sans is effectively an avenging angel, judging you for the sins crawling on your back.

He just LOOKS like a skeleton.

Not that that frame will make a difference. Any morality without JEEZUS is insufficient.

Pat Robertson geeettttttts dunked on!!!

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    Please don’t equate Christendom with that coot. He is the equivalent to a Creep Show x The Abyss ÷ by fossil fuel emissions.
    Most Christians know that death is only our skeleton trying to get out.

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