On Hold: Investigating Transgender Health Access in Canada

Vice just released a documentary on trans health care access in Canada, and from the synopsis alone, I can already tell I’m going to be very mad about the state of access in my birth province, New Brunswick. I mean, they’re the most backward on abortion, why not also be the most backward on trans rights? Why not take every shat-upon societal group and mistreat them a little more than everyone else, just to make yourselves feel better about being the shittiest little lump of aggrieved conservatism in Canada that doesn’t even have Alberta’s money to splash around?

Haven’t watched any of it yet, so you’re going to watch it with me. Unless, of course, you only watch it this evening. I plan on listening to it this morning while I square away a bunch of work stuff, and I’ll hopefully have time to jot down more thoughts on the train ride home.

Below the fold because apparently it autoplays.

On Hold: Investigating Transgender Health Access in Canada

2 thoughts on “On Hold: Investigating Transgender Health Access in Canada

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    Alberta was surprisingly okayish with its trans care even before the NDP ended their dynasty.

    That said, good luck getting the federal government to intervene with NB’s healthcare. If you do it for one province, you have to do it for all of them.

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    Finally got around to watching it. The person who identified as William broke my heart. My partner wondered why I was crying.

    Although I gave a half-assed “not bad” to Alberta’s trans healthcare, it’s important to note Alberta does not have gender identity recognised in its human rights, and to my knowledge this is the case federally as well.

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