The view from the ultra cheap seats

Waiting for the Zelda Symphony in Chicago to start. Here is our view.


This auditorium is gigantic. I’m gonna get so many StreetPasses.

The view from the ultra cheap seats
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8 thoughts on “The view from the ultra cheap seats

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    Was meaning to blog my impressions but the last several days have been ridiculously full. Prepwork for Geek Girl Con DIY Science Zone, for instance. Catching up on work stuff. Laundry. Ugh, adulting.

    It was fantastic. But the real sell for me was the fact that it was an entire auditorium full of a fandom that was just, well, happy. Not gatekeeper-y, not sneering, not annoyed that 40% of the audience was girls. Just, happy. Excited. Cheering at the recognizeable themes. Cheering for the Sheik reveal in the OoT medley video. It was lovely to absorb that much positivity in one place, and it makes me wonder how so they managed it when many other fandoms go so very sour.

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    Getting the birds eye view! Sounds great!

    PS. Off topic sorry but could you help here please? For some reason I can’t seem to comment on – or even see comments on – Maryam Namazie’s blog just getting a “Blog token not found” message instead. Any idea what’s happening and could it be fixed please? (Filled out a tech help thing a few days ago too.)

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    When we took our Big Family Trip to Canada, my son’s biggest joy was in the number of Street Passes he accumulated in the tourist section of Ottawa (well, that and holding the brick of gold at the mint). 😀

    Looks like you’re having a great time!

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