I added the Recent Posts link to the top menu, and somehow that broke some piece of hard-coding somewhere that was giving that menu the appropriate style. I’m trying to figure out what is going on right now, but clearly there’s some dark magic somewhere in the underpinnings of this site. I’ve also let our web guy know, and am waiting on him to get back to me with a “duh, this is how you do it” message. I blame the theme, right now. I might just add a CSS hack in case things in that menu area are ever improperly classed, and be done with it. Not sure how to proceed yet.

[ETA: Uh, and now it’s working, without having edited any CSS or anything. There’s clearly some odd caching going on that I stumbled across.]

Meanwhile, there’s still the matter of the broken SocialConnect Facebook login. It’s been broken for almost a month. I didn’t touch THAT, I swear.

[ETA: and now I will! Apparently I can fix things just by poking them and lamenting publicly that they didn’t work.]


12 thoughts on “Oops

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    When I tried to log in via Facebook just now, a popup appeared for Facebook with the following error message:

    App Not Setup: This app is still in development mode, and you don’t have access to it. Switch to a registered test user or ak an app admin for permissions.

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    Yes — it was connected, I believe, through the previous web guy before the current one. I’ve built a new app and am fiddling with it now. I think I should have it set up shortly.

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    When I try google (from this page) I get a popup to https://the-orbit.net/lousycanuck/index.php?social-connect=google with the error message: No servers found!

    I thought Google stopped doing OAuth 2.0 logins a while back?

    The way that I log in to use the site is I go to the ‘Log in’ link in the left-hand navigation panel, and use the Google+ option. Then I come back and refresh the page I started on. Then I’m logged in.

    I’ve noticed that some of the blogs are inconsistent with the options available for on-the-spot logging in. Your blog didn’t give me a Google+ option, but I’m pretty sure others have in the past.

    Note: Trying to give useful feedback, not intending to moan at you. 🙂

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    AH! From the related posts! NOW I understand why you posted that! 😀

    Well, it looks like the app is public now, but it’s still not working. Throws me out without an actual error.

    I think the SocialConnect app is actually controllable at the individual blog level, which is interesting. I think once I get a set of settings that work for me, I can go through all the blogs and change them all, but that seems like a bit of a pain. Ehh.

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    I work in IT, and I swear there is nothing more frustrating than when things just start randomly working. My boss is always ‘why are you going back into the code, it’s all working now’ and I just can’t get it through his head that if I don’t know why it started working, I can’t fix it when it inevitably stops working again. If it randomly started working because we uninstalled program X, I need to know why it wasn’t compatible with program X so that I know what to do if Programs Y and Z have the same issue.


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    Getting a lot of “preview errors” here lately. Adding a number to the end seems to fix it for some reason.

    Is it true FTB is being cyber-attacked as read in another thread? Wouldn’t be the first time I guess, shitty thing for whoever is behind it to do.

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    Yes, FtB was under pretty heavy attack from some Russian IPs — assholes sending a ton of Unicode-based requests over and over (evidently probing for a Unicode vulnerability that might give them extra access), and also sending tons of searches to WordPress over and over (which incurs server load and eventually causes server software to fail to deliver real pages).

    We’d been blocking them individually, but since they started coming in from different IPs, we’ve implemented Fail2Ban instead. Someone trying to search for five randomly generated strings within ten seconds? Probably not legit traffic. Someone causing one 400 Bad Request after another? Binned. SQL injection attacks? Banned for a year. Ban em all, let Cloudflare sort ’em out.

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