Pause for station identification

I have the Mock The Movie transcripts still to finish — CA7746 is sending me subtitle files galore, and I have yet to upload them because they’re always a bit of a pain to attach within WordPress and link appropriately. (The fact that I have to upload them as .txt instead of .srt is not the least problem.)

After that, as promised, I’ll be doing short reviews of my cornucopia of Steam games, starting with, oh, let’s say Mercenary Kings. And don’t worry, they’ll be reviews from my Evil SJW Perspective.

In the meantime, let me remind you where you are.

Welcome to Lousy Canuck.

I like turtles.

Pause for station identification

3 thoughts on “Pause for station identification

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    CA7748 is sending me subtitle files galore,

    “You never figured out how to open your closet, so that’s why everything is scattered around. Your clothes are stuck to the floor, and hey! That second pair of pants! You don’t remember having a second pair of pants. Maybe you have an evil twin running around naked!”
    -Narrator, SpaceQuest6

    they’re always a bit of a pain to attach within WordPress and link appropriately

    Hmmm…. How ’bout a script that batch uploads, via XML-RPC, any srts in a given folder as txt and prints out urls (or something similar to copy-paste into the archive page)?
    Any cleverer and it’d start presenting forms of its own, to do fill-in-the-blank for table rows (which usually already exist by then). Cleverer still, and it could directly edit the archive page – if the regex-friendly table were bracketed off from the human prose – to insert rows or recognize existing ones. Not gonna happen, but it sounds cool. ; )
    Comic: XKCD – Automation

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    You know, I swear, 50% of the time I get the number right without thinking about it. And every time I’m like “I know it’s not 7747 because that would be way easier to remember”.

    I’d thought about that, actually. Posting to xmlrpc.php, though, is finicky, not the least reason being that it’s exploited by bots and I know we have quite a few countermeasures against that sort of thing. Knowing them as I do, I might be able to rig something up — the API is really thorough and looks like it has all the moving parts I need. But then you get into the automation bellcurve, like that XKCD.

    SIGH. If only I had infinite time, I could save myself a little pain and a little time at the cost of a lot of pain and a lot of time!

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