What is Winnipeg?

It starts out poorly enough, with the column of Canadian Cities the last remaining set of clues on the Jeopardy! board, clearly a tower of fearsome trivia. It gets worse from there, as the militarily outfitted Randy loses eight grand on the category by seemingly rattling off every Canadian city name he could think of at random.

For shame, contestants. Poor showing indeed. Moose Javians… Winnipeg? No wonder Canadian Alex Trebek was so affected.

What is Winnipeg?

10 thoughts on “What is Winnipeg?

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    Perhaps if Trebek had pronounced “Javians” properly, Randy might have stood a chance. At least he tried. Dan and Victoria just stood there as if to say, “You mean we have to do this category after all?”

    Honestly though, when on earth did Edmonton more itself to Ontario? I was sure it was still a few hours North of Calgary earlier this year.

    I guess I shouldn’t say too much though, I’d probably suck just as much at trivia based on American cities.

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    Wait a minute. Are you saying Canada is a real place? I thought it was just a made-up location used in movies when they didn’t want to use a real place, like phone numbers that start with “555” or North Dakota.

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    I can’t actually say whether I’d have gotten the Stratford one, because I read the article before watching the video, but I might not have. And I blurted out Vancouver unthinkingly instead of Victoria, even though I know almost none of the capitals are also the biggest cities. Other than that, I wouldn’t have done half bad, because I was unsure enough about Stratford I wouldn’t have buzzed in.

    Frankly, Dan and Victoria had the right idea. If you don’t know, don’t guess.

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    The really astonishing thing is that they didn’t know where the summer olympics were held. Just as likely, they don’t even know what a velodrome is.

    Being ignorant of things outside one’s borders is bad enough, but some take pride it instead of being embarrassed as most people are.

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