Glenn Beck: enemy of humanity

How else can you explain someone faced with empirical evidence that children are being infected with a preventable disease, thanks to anti-vaccination anti-science, claiming it’s all a hoax?

Damn it all. Maybe we deserve our fate, as a race, to succumb to some pandemic or other humanity-endangering event, because of certain humans spreading misinformation in order to line their own pockets. When the stakes are human lives, how can we as a species continue when we’re willing to throw others’ lives away for our own enrichment?

Glenn Beck: enemy of humanity
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10 thoughts on “Glenn Beck: enemy of humanity

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    Glenn Beck is a Mormon, and many Mormons don’t believe in science–they believe in woo. That’s how Orrin Hatch, a Mormon from Utah, managed to dismantle the supplements market–many Mormons are in the supplements scam, selling them in multi-level marketing scams. What’s the result? Fully 80% of the supplements on the market don’t contain what the label says they have…and nothing can be done about it.

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    If Beck is against it, it’s probably okay. – peterh

    Glenn Beck is against accepting the scientific consensus that anthropogenic climate change is real, responsible for effectively all the temperature change since 1900, and demands urgent action. Maybe you should reconsider the ignorant nonsense you babbled here.

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    I’d strongly caution you against diagnosing mental health issues over the internet / TV, especially without proper accreditation. Whether he is paranoiac or cynically feeding the conspiracy theorist mindsets, we layfolk can’t tell the difference.

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    Frankly, Glenn Beck has SAID that he has mental health issues, so I would lay bets on actual paranoia, though of course I could be wrong, he could just be acting. I try to believe the best of people so I prefer to assume it’s clinical paranoia rather than maliciousness. That doesn’t answer the trickier question of what’s causing the paranoia; paranoia is just a symptom.

    And, very unfortunately, I know people who have been diagnosed with paranoia quite well (I realize this is uncommon). I unfortunately know quite a lot about paranoia as a result, so I feel totally comfortable saying this without accreditation. Beck’s behavior is not the behavior of the typical cynical liar/fraud; he seems to remain paranoid when he thinks he’s off camera; he seems to think that his longtime friends and associates in the Republican Party and on Fox News are out to get him, not just his political “opponents”. This is the behavior of someone with paranoia.

    Though, of course, his longtime friends and associates could be out to get him. They’re terrible people.

    I have to think of Nixon; it turned out after he died that he had, in fact, been diagnosed with clinical paranoia while he was President and was under treatment by a psychiatrist. (I have no idea why this made so little news coverage; it was in the New York Review of Books.) It explains a lot about his behavior. However, Nixon also surrounded himself with terrible, terrible people. Who knows — this may be a hazard of being paranoid.

    If Beck is paranoid, then I’m more sad for him than angry at him. Being paranoid is a horrible, permanently unpleasant state of fear… and we don’t actually have any decent treatments for it, either, making diagnosis not very useful.

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