#FtBCon 3: Asexual Spectrum Atheists panel, and Youtube comments brigaded

Here’s the full panel.

The book mentioned is Asexuality: The Invisible Orientation by Julia Sondra Decker, and here are some links the panelists wanted to include.

A link that Tristan wanted to add, relevant to the “asexual but still having sex”: http://homepage.psy.utexas.edu/HomePage/Group/BussLAB/pdffiles/why%20humans%20have%20sex%202007.pdf

This is regarding the House episode mentioned:


The census is available here: https://asexualcensus.wordpress.com/

And hey, big congratulations to Thunderf00t on fully embracing your nature as a churlish, small-minded and provincial sort, the type of person who gives atheists a reputation of being the Douchebag Brigade, much like was mentioned during this panel. Since your coming-out as such a few years back, your quality of life must have gotten really much better — I know what it’s like to have to hide some fundamental aspect of your life, and it must be nice for you to feel free to be an utter asshole in public now. Good for you. And good for all your fellow douchebags in your audience.

The result of this? 27 sudden dislikes (without commensurate increase in Views — they jumped on the channel to register their disapproval of asexual atheists’ existence, then jumped off!), six shit comments pictured below, and I’m now setting all comments on my Youtube channel significantly differently.


Way to go, douchebags. Way to ruin free speech by making it impossible to hear that speech over your din of effluence. Comments on my channel are now being held for review before posting.

#FtBCon 3: Asexual Spectrum Atheists panel, and Youtube comments brigaded

8 thoughts on “#FtBCon 3: Asexual Spectrum Atheists panel, and Youtube comments brigaded

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    What are the chances of developing a BlockBot-like solution for YouTube? Is that something that could be done by those with the right skills, or is that impossible even in theory?

    As long as free speech is allowed, there will always be a need for systems, tools, and techniques to curtail that freedom when it’s abused and used to hurt others. YouTube and other social media sites really need to start offering a more robust set of options in this regard.

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    (I’m Tristan, the moderator of the panel).

    It seems like both the FTBCon organizers and aces I know are confused by this incident. FTB knows that Thunderf00t’s an asshole, but doesn’t know why he gravitated towards the ace panel. People in the ace community just see Thunderf00t as another jerk. Each group has only half the story.

    It’s a matter of tribes. Thunderf00t’s part of the MRA & Gamergate tribe. And aces are part of the other tribe, along with FTB, Skepchick, Atheism Plus, Feminist Frequency, Zoe Quinn, and the entirety of Tumblr. There’s a large ace community on Tumblr, and we’re a major contributor to the supposedly excessive Tumblr identity lingo. Therefore, we are Social Justice Warriors, and in league with FTB, regardless of whether there’s any real association.

    To see asexuals in FTBCon for real, that really is a fulfillment of one of MRA nightmares. It would be like a video of PZ Myers, Anita Sarkeesian, and Rebecca Watson all in one room together.

    It is also a fulfillment of MRA fantasies. They want to believe that we’re all part of a single invading power, conspiring against them. What they don’t want to believe is that there are lots of separate groups that have independently come to the same conclusion that they are deluded assholes.

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    I will say, Siggy, that the blowup that led to Thunderf00t being booted from FtB involved him wholly embracing antifeminism while acting grossly unprofessionally to the rest of our bloggers, to the point of creating a toxically intolerable environment. We are aware that he essentially became MRA right then, and that he’s wholly been embraced by the antifeminists who created Gamergate, and that he’s just a rolling asshole who’s basically right about exactly one thing: the lack of existence of a god or gods.

    I really do love that the tribalism is so damn plain in that particular tribe of antifeminists. If our so-called “tribe” and yours are allied, though, it’s not just because the same assholes are harrying all of us. It’s also because one of FtB’s primary missions is the encouragement of pluralism, empathy, and understanding of difference, and it seems to me that our attempt at pluralism makes friends of the people who are just different enough to attract the ire of atavistic throwbacks like T-Footy.

    I can always put together a list of the rest of the comments waiting in the wings to be posted — they’re all just mockery though, “trolling”, along with one patently incorrect “you just can’t handle people disagreeing with you”. (Pro tip to that guy: try actually disagreeing with an idea, not a person.)

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    Sorry, by the way, that your comment was waiting in moderation for so long. I have been neglecting my blog and it’s, for some reason, no longer emailing me about posts awaiting moderation.

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    Damn, just don’t tell the fuckers that the Abortion 101 lady in the panel before is also ace.

    There’s no comments on that video and I want to keep that shit that way.

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