FtBCon 3: Confirmed Participants

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Here’s a preliminary list of confirmed participants for Freethought Blogs’ FtBConscience 3. This list is subject to change, but at time of writing, all participants have confirmed their availability for panels and talks for the conference.

FtB Bloggers:

  • Alex Gabriel
  • Heina Dadabhoy
  • Jason Thibeault
  • Miri Mogilevsky
  • Richard Carrier
  • Russell Glasser
  • Stephanie Zvan
  • Tauriq Moosa

Invited Guests:

  • Adam Lee
  • Amy Boyle
  • Amy Davis Roth
  • Ben Blanchard
  • Caleb Harper
  • Cerberus
  • Chana Messinger
  • Cindy Cooper
  • Dan Fincke
  • Dan Linford
  • Dan Williams
  • Danny Samuelson
  • Debbie Goddard
  • Donald Wright
  • Ed Cara
  • Elizabeth
  • Erin
  • Franklin Veaux
  • Harry Shaughnessy
  • Hiba Krisht
  • HJ Hornbeck
  • James Billingham
  • James Croft
  • Jared Axelrod
  • Josiah “Biblename”
  • Karen Hill
  • Karen Stollznow
  • Kaveh Mousavi
  • Kay Vee
  • Lauren Lane
  • Leigh Honeywell
  • Lilandra Ra
  • MA Melby
  • Mai Dao
  • Maria Greene
  • Matt Lowry
  • Michael Damian Thomas
  • Michael Nam
  • Michelle Huey
  • Misha Greenbaum
  • Misty Taylor
  • Monette Richards
  • Muhammad Syed
  • Neil Wehneman
  • Nick Fish
  • Nick Geiger
  • Niki Massey
  • Olivia James
  • Raina Rhoades
  • Razib Khan
  • Reem Abdel-Razek
  • Rich Wisneski
  • RJ Redden
  • Sakeena Almulhida
  • Sastra / Sue Strandberg
  • Scott Lohman
  • Shelly Henry
  • Susan Porter
  • Tim Farley
  • Trina Gardinier
  • Tristan Miller
  • Valerie Aurora
  • Vic Wang
  • Vivian
  • Vyckie Garrison
  • Wesley Fenza
  • Yau Man Chan

We hope to add more to our roster as panels are finalized in the run up to the convention. Hope to see you there!

FtBCon 3: Confirmed Participants
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17 thoughts on “FtBCon 3: Confirmed Participants

  1. 2

    Sorry HJ. Rectified. You’re definitely in the confirmed column on ONE tab of our planning spreadsheet, but evidently missing from the other. Oops.

    I also had to take Dana Hunter off the list; she forgot to remove herself from the spreadsheet and was reminded by the list I posted.

  2. 6

    Ow. That one is all me, a few of them that I copied manually out (e.g. without C+P) evidently had spelling errors. Don’t I feel like a jackass.

    I have not talked to her since she stepped down from blogging (and barely spoke when she WAS a blogger here), but she is still active on Facebook, and is evidently on a panel, one that Kaveh is organizing. I don’t know how she’s doing, per se, but she’s evidently got the resources for a panel at least!

  3. 9

    Ooo, also: I decided to simplify and refocus my talk, both so that it was more in line with recent events and a bit more conservative, which means its description has changed a bit:

    HJ Hornbeck continues to put feminism’s claims under science’s microscope, this time by examining the concept of “rape culture,” with some detours through sexual assault, consent, and European Union credit card processing directives. Watching his previous talk is optional, but recommended. Also: there will be a transcript.

    Also also, wildly off-topic: no Dana Hunter? Damn, she’s been doing some damn fine writing over the past six months, would’a loved to listen to her. :'(

  4. 10

    What time zone is all the times in? I’m guessing Central US from how the location is listed as Minneapolis, MN, but I want to be sure.

    I’m also disappointed by Dana Hunter’s absence. I would have liked to hear her address us as “my darlings” 😀

  5. 11

    Will transcripts of the panels be made available after the conference? I know someone that would be interested in the conference, but she is hard of hearing. If the hangout audio quality isn’t great, transcripts are her only option.

    I remember at least some transcripts being made for previous FTBCon panels, but I couldn’t locate any place where they were all collected. Does this exist?

  6. 13

    Yes, the entire con is scheduled in CST (though I’m always confused between CST and CDT… I think it SHOULD be the latter. Regardless, it’s in Central).

    Dana regrets having to bow out. As do I. Sigh.

    themenace: I had posted the transcript for my own talk, since it was largely prepared in advance, but no centralized effort was made to transcribe any of the rest of the panels that I know of. Perhaps some stabs were taken at it by A+Scribes, but I’m not sure myself if anything came of it. There are transcription services that I think cost something like $1/min, so ~$60 per panel. If we crowdfunded that, I’m sure that would be feasible, but we have no plans for pressganging anyone into transcribing (and we panelists and facilitators frankly are pressed enough to create the free content in the first place).

  7. 15

    Thanks for the response, Jason. I transcribe three 5-10 minute videos a week for a YouTube channel, so I appreciate the amount of effort it would take to transcribe so many hour-long panels. I’ll still let my hard of hearing friend know about the conference, but I’ll have to warn her than transcripts probably won’t be available.

    Looking forward to tonight!

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