Thankful sea turtle rescued from rope tangle

Desperately trying to reconnect with the intertubes and get all my backlog of things done, including processing and posting the audio from five of my six CONvergence panels (one, sadly, didn’t record at all; and the audio for the rest works in VLC, but is nothing but static in Audacity so I’m having difficulty transcoding them).

In the meantime, have this amazing GoPro ad involving a diver rescuing a sea turtle.

That’s one grateful turtle. Still, it’d be nice if we humans were a little more careful of potential impacts like this in our encroachment into their territory, no?

Thankful sea turtle rescued from rope tangle
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5 thoughts on “Thankful sea turtle rescued from rope tangle

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    I don’t remember if you’re running Windows, but if you are, dBpoweramp Music Converter (which I just realized I haven’t updated in a while) should be able to turn just about anything into a WAV that you can edit if necessary before recompressing and remuxing (or if you only need things like noise gating/compression, normalization, or channel mapping, you can directly transcode the audio using the DSP to process the stream). It has plugins for most audio formats presently in use and also a DirectShow input plugin so that any format for which you have a system codec can be used. I use it for practically all my audio transcoding when I don’t need to make any edits, since the built-in DSP tools make things like channel (re)mapping, volume normalization, and bit depth conversions a snap. The audio info component can also sometimes help identify if the file header specifies an incorrect stream format, which might be why Audacity is rendering junk audio. You might also want to see what MediaInfo can tell you about the audio tracks (it’s adware-bundled, but IIRC you can bypass installation of any third-party programs, and it’s available for a bunch of OSes).

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    John: I might have to fire up my Windows partition and give dBpoweramp a shot. If not, I’ve read somewhere that VLC does in fact have an export utility, and I can always try that. Thanks!

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