What Does the Donkey Say

Some Christians just can’t leave well enough alone, apparently. They have to Jesusify even weird meme songs like What Does The Fox Say. The River Christian Reformed Church is responsible for this particular mess.

Wow. Really, wow. May your god have mercy on your souls and not throw you in the pits of eternal suffering for making bad things worse.

If you want to see the equally ridiculous but less offensively Christified version, go here instead. Hat tip to Christian Nightmares.

Happy holidays, everyone!

What Does the Donkey Say
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4 thoughts on “What Does the Donkey Say

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    WTF was that? The first Jesus rock opera? Oh, wait, there was the amazing “Jesus Christ, Superstar”, but that had actual musicians and good music in it.

    Ow ow, ow ow ow ow, ow…

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