Mock The Movie: Sol transcript

We watched Sol for Mock The Movie last night. I can’t remember what happened in the movie. I have a vague recollection of poor acting, tents and sand. I think I blocked the rest as a defense mechanism. There were more than a few times I simply got distracted from the movie — I’m not used to having commercials in my movies any more, so the Hulu experience was jarring, and I was determined to find out whether or not the music on the Absolut Vodka was done by Woodkid, the same guy who did a song called Iron which was used in the Assassin’s Creed: Revelations trailer.

Participation was thin, so I’m including as an extra bonus Blake Stacey’s solo watching of Prometheus, which was an unscheduled event but certainly better worth your time.

@szvan: Mock the Movie: Junior High Edition: @MockTM
2013-09-23 17:50:22
@lousycanuck: OMFG, it’s like I’ll never have time to blog again. At least there’s Mock The Movie. @MockTM
2013-09-26 00:18:36
@lousycanuck: @MockTM I’m totally not used to commercials any more. Hulu is juts weird.
2013-09-26 01:01:32
@szvan: @MockTM This movie is going to make us barf. And not the script.
2013-09-26 01:03:13
@CA7746: @MockTM The team captain’s off to a good start.
2013-09-26 01:03:18
@lousycanuck: @MockTM Team captain immediately orders team engineer to construct additional pylons.
2013-09-26 01:03:51
@szvan: @MockTM When they said this movie was about school kids, I didn’t think they meant the acting.
2013-09-26 01:04:35
@lousycanuck: @MockTM Join Team Douchebag, or stay by the device that kills people? What a Sophie’s Choice.
2013-09-26 01:06:00
@szvan: @MockTM I’m not sure whether that was Redshirt “thinking” or he was trying to remember whether he had another line.
2013-09-26 01:06:35
@CA7746: @MockTM Even Ray Mears wouldn’t wander through the desert w/o supplies. IIRC his advice: beforehand let people know to rescue you, soon.
2013-09-26 01:06:50
@lousycanuck: @MockTM HUR HUR DYING IS FUNNY.
2013-09-26 01:07:08
@lousycanuck: @MockTM “Hey, I know you! I recognize the plot aura around you!”
2013-09-26 01:08:26
@szvan: @MockTM He still can’t seem to remember if he has any lines.
2013-09-26 01:08:41
@CA7746: @MockTM A thumper. Someone’s calling a sandworm!
2013-09-26 01:09:04
@lousycanuck: @MockTM “Should we go around?” “No, we should walk without rhythm!”
2013-09-26 01:10:18
@szvan: @MockTM Note to scriptwriters and/or foley artists: Ocean waves do not sound like heavy footsteps.
2013-09-26 01:11:24
@szvan: @MockTM Note to scriptwriters and/or foley artists: Just because Earth oceans are salt….
2013-09-26 01:11:54
@lousycanuck: @MockTM Commercials: still weird.
2013-09-26 01:12:26
@lousycanuck: @MockTM Wow, in the future, Day-For-Night technology has improved significantly!
2013-09-26 01:12:54
@szvan: @MockTM I can’t help but think this scene is dark because everyone cracked up at his “dramatic” face.
2013-09-26 01:14:28
@lousycanuck: @MockTM I’ve no idea what’s going on but I’m sure it’s very important.
2013-09-26 01:15:32
@szvan: @MockTM And this scene is dark because everyone laughed at the combat choreography.
2013-09-26 01:15:59
@lousycanuck: @MockTM “A thin layer of fabric! That’ll protect us from the ravenous beasts!”
2013-09-26 01:16:05
@CA7746: @MockTM The astronomer decides who wins, but no one has to listen to him!?
2013-09-26 01:17:28
@lousycanuck: @MockTM There can’t be vicious beasts on land AND in the ocean, can there?
2013-09-26 01:17:37
@lousycanuck: @MockTM “What? What are you trying to tell me? One word… sounds like SHUSSHHHH…”
2013-09-26 01:18:37
@szvan: @MockTM “No one should see what those things do. Especially the audience.”
2013-09-26 01:19:38
@lousycanuck: @MockTM “The best chance we have is if we stick together. And win the Immunity Challenge. And vote the other guys out.”
2013-09-26 01:20:35
@CA7746: @MockTM Couldn’t this ‘test’ be administered to one astronomy student with a still image of the sky?
2013-09-26 01:22:28
@lousycanuck: @MockTM “We’ll just find the nearest I can’t think of things that fix lenses!!”
2013-09-26 01:22:34
@lousycanuck: @MockTM “You can be sad later.” “BUT I HAVE A SAD NOW.”
2013-09-26 01:26:01
@szvan: @MockTM If this were an acting competition, it would be over by now, with no winners.
2013-09-26 01:26:56
@szvan: @MockTM “‘Help’. You know, H-E-L-P? Look, just go back to the script and figure out how you’re supposed to react.”
2013-09-26 01:28:59
@lousycanuck: @MockTM “It’s not about winning any more. It’s about building very large wooden structures and lighting them on fire. Right? RIIIIGHT?!”
2013-09-26 01:31:27
@CA7746: @MockTM Don’t you DARE play the ‘Inner Light’ on that flute
2013-09-26 01:32:04
@lousycanuck: @MockTM It’s handy that that guy brought an ocarina. Maybe he can play the Song of Time and give me back the half hour I’ve already wasted.
2013-09-26 01:33:42
@szvan: @MockTM So far, the best thing about this movie is the commercials, and the funniest is the inept cutting away.
2013-09-26 01:33:59
@DrRubidium: @MockTM Is this a real movie?
2013-09-26 01:37:55
@lousycanuck: @MockTM @DrRubidium It’s Hunger Games minus characters, plot or acting.
2013-09-26 01:38:36
@szvan: @MockTM If they had personalities, I might root for them to be killed. Now, I just want them to go home.
2013-09-26 01:38:58
@DrRubidium: @lousycanuck @MockTM so Michael Bay produced it? 😀
2013-09-26 01:39:17
@lousycanuck: @MockTM “It’s everywhere. Water, pants, my Vas Deferens, my pancreas, my next door neighbor’s car…”
2013-09-26 01:39:17
@ingdamnit: @szvan @MockTM
2013-09-26 01:39:50
@lousycanuck: @MockTM “How could we have missed this?” “Because none of us actually checked?”
2013-09-26 01:40:57
@DrRubidium: @MockTM “It’s fresh!” unlike this script, the acting, or the direction
2013-09-26 01:41:07
@lousycanuck: @DrRubidium @MockTM No, there have been zero explosions and the closest thing to dramatic danger happened off-camera.
2013-09-26 01:41:37
@CA7746: @MockTM Oh, now I get it. The gates filter out Earth’s useless people and dump them on desolate planets.
2013-09-26 01:43:23
@DrRubidium: @MockTM I don’t recognize any of these dudes. This movie didn’t jump-start careers?!
2013-09-26 01:45:03
@lousycanuck: @MockTM “What’s going on?” “Same thing that’s been going on since the start of this damned movie.”
2013-09-26 01:46:05
@DrRubidium: @lousycanuck @MockTM yes, but WHAT? I have not idea.
2013-09-26 01:47:45
@lousycanuck: @MockTM @DrRubidium A bunch of teams went through a slipgate on some competition for getting into an academy, landed on a desert planet.
2013-09-26 01:48:36
@lousycanuck: @MockTM @DrRubidium Some dying, some talking. No plot.
2013-09-26 01:48:46
@lousycanuck: @MockTM Oh, a Kraken. Finally. SOMETHING HAPPENED.
2013-09-26 01:49:12
@DrRubidium: @lousycanuck @MockTM OHHHHHH – I thought this was a commercial for REI. My bad.
2013-09-26 01:49:36
@lousycanuck: @MockTM “That’s it? You’re just giving up?” “YOU JUST TOLD ME I’M INCAPABLE!” “I want you to PRETEND!!!”
2013-09-26 01:50:23
@DrRubidium: @MockTM this is how I imagine any teen show on the CW to be like
2013-09-26 01:51:11
@szvan: @MockTM They traveled to an unknown planet wearing tennis shoes?!
2013-09-26 01:51:44
@lousycanuck: @MockTM Leave him alone, coz what do you need a medic on a hostile planet for anyway?
2013-09-26 01:51:55
@CA7746: @MockTM “He was stung by that thing in the water.” “Should we pee on him?”
2013-09-26 01:52:27
@lousycanuck: @MockTM @CA7746 Dude, are you watching a no-commercials version?
2013-09-26 01:53:07
@DrRubidium: @MockTM This is a mistake. Both the team’s plan and watching this movie.
2013-09-26 01:53:16
@CA7746: @MockTM Heh, yeah. When are you?
2013-09-26 01:53:37
@lousycanuck: @MockTM “Somebody! Anybody! Help me! I CAUGHT A WHOPPER!!!”
2013-09-26 01:53:47
@lousycanuck: @MockTM Three-names are just pronounceable initials? Well thank goodness his weren’t QXW.
2013-09-26 01:55:07
@szvan: @MockTM “That thing is still out there.” Yeah, and you’re still all alive. Disappointment all around.
2013-09-26 01:55:22
@DrRubidium: @MockTM OH HELL NO. Homeboy just watches monster attack and does fuck all? Boot his punk ass
2013-09-26 01:55:24
@lousycanuck: @MockTM So now all of a sudden all the jokes about initials in video game high score charts are relevant!
2013-09-26 01:56:12
@DrRubidium: @MockTM Let. Him. Die. If only because we’ll have less dialogue
2013-09-26 02:01:06
@CA7746: @MockTM Could some of you post your time so I can skip to around that point?
2013-09-26 02:04:47
@lousycanuck: @MockTM I was distracted by looking up the song on the Absolut commercial. Woodkid. Same guy who did AC: Revelations trailer theme.
2013-09-26 02:05:36
@lousycanuck: @MockTM @CA7746 I’m at 55:48
2013-09-26 02:05:56
@lousycanuck: @MockTM That’s what this movie needed — a montage about sticks.
2013-09-26 02:06:23
@DrRubidium: @MockTM Yes, nothing like a creepy flute to lull everybody to sleep
2013-09-26 02:06:30
@lousycanuck: @MockTM “What happened to having my back?” “What happened to having mine?” “I asked first!” “AND I ASKED SECOND.” “FINE! WHATEVER!” “GOOD!!”
2013-09-26 02:08:07
@lousycanuck: @MockTM “Come quick, we found something. It’s a giant sculpture head with a weird looking crown.
2013-09-26 02:13:09
@lousycanuck: @MockTM It’s still intact! It’s still functional! Except for the missing part that makes it work!
2013-09-26 02:14:04
@DrRubidium: @MockTM “I know what you’re thinking!” You do? You know I’m praying to my wifi to go out?!
2013-09-26 02:14:10
@lousycanuck: @MockTM “Everything that’s happened — all your fault! Well, not the good stuff. The bad stuff! That’s all you! The rest was GOD.
2013-09-26 02:18:30
@szvan: @MockTM “You made a decision that will stay with you for the rest of your life.” Can we make it any shorter?
2013-09-26 02:19:13
@szvan: @MockTM So…most of the way through the movie and they finally want to establish characters?
2013-09-26 02:20:58
@lousycanuck: @MockTM “I want you to know that when I get back, I’m done with you all. I hate you all. I’ve always hated you all. In closing, get bent.”
2013-09-26 02:21:15
@szvan: @MockTM “It only has power enough for four messages.” “How about five shorter messages?” “And we have our volunteer to abstain!”
2013-09-26 02:23:48
@CA7746: @MockTM It wasn’t enough that he shot the guy. Now at the funeral he’s gotta set him on fire, like a homeless person.
2013-09-26 02:27:00
@szvan: @MockTM Um, kid? That’s only enough wood to roast him lightly.
2013-09-26 02:27:12
@lousycanuck: @MockTM “PLAY FREEBIRD”
2013-09-26 02:27:50
@DrRubidium: @MockTM seriously, when will this be OVER?
2013-09-26 02:29:33
@lousycanuck: @MockTM “Stop it! Hal! Stop it! You should lead with your left, you’re a southpaw!”
2013-09-26 02:30:17
@CA7746: @MockTM “What was I thinking?” ~Sweet! A quarter-million dollars raised to film bickering at the beach.~
2013-09-26 02:30:50
@CA7746: @MockTM Control element = Two coils and a heatsink.
2013-09-26 02:33:18
@lousycanuck: @MockTM Welp. Time for murdering.
2013-09-26 02:35:06
@lousycanuck: @MockTM “I see something! It’s… the end of the film!”
2013-09-26 02:37:44
@lousycanuck: @MockTM “Why should we trust you now?” “Because I have the most hair. Obviously.”
2013-09-26 02:39:31
@DrRubidium: @lousycanuck @MockTM Well, OBVIOUSLY
2013-09-26 02:40:33
@CA7746: @MockTM Say, remember when I said that desert could go on forever… ocean, forest, there could be tundracoming up any minute now.
2013-09-26 02:40:39
@szvan: @MockTM Such a pity they’re not on a surface that holds good tracks like…oh, wait.
2013-09-26 02:40:45
@lousycanuck: @MockTM IT’s quiet here. I don’t like it. Let’s make a fuckton of noise.
2013-09-26 02:41:25
@CA7746: @MockTM “I wonder if they’ll eat each other” *suspicious stares*
2013-09-26 02:42:36
@lousycanuck: @MockTM “There could be a whole world down there. Maybe a city. With Starbucks. And Chuck-E-Cheese.”
2013-09-26 02:43:12
@szvan: @MockTM Why didn’t they all die before things got sappy?
2013-09-26 02:46:40
@lousycanuck: @MockTM “I trust you. Fix it.” *swish swish fling* “oops. I dropped it.”
2013-09-26 02:46:42
@CA7746: @MockTM *Ship flies away.*
2013-09-26 02:47:22
@lousycanuck: @MockTM Simple solution: “Dudes, there’s a whole planet of fresh water here. Open… all.. the fucking… slipgates.”
2013-09-26 02:49:03
@DrRubidium: @MockTM That’s cold, Gate Command. THAT. IS. COLD.
2013-09-26 02:49:28
@szvan: @MockTM You know, if they’d spent some tiny fraction of the time they used to kill each other on finding Sol….
2013-09-26 02:52:30
@szvan: @MockTM They couldn’t even find a decent voice actor for a 20-second segment?
2013-09-26 02:53:35
@lousycanuck: @MockTM So in the future, everyone has had natural cadence and actual ability to convey concern bred out of them.
2013-09-26 02:53:54
@lousycanuck: @MockTM Dramatic astronomical action!!!
2013-09-26 02:54:51
@DrRubidium: @MockTM I too am excited. That this horror show is almost over.
2013-09-26 02:55:22
@CA7746: @MockTM The telescope did ALL the work automatically. What were they even trying to test!?
2013-09-26 02:56:08
@szvan: @MockTM Apparently you make decent human beings by killing a bunch of them off. Who knew?
2013-09-26 02:56:26
@lousycanuck: @MockTM “We don’t have any time! Go on ahead!” Well, that’s actually good advice, no wonder they’re all walking slowly now.
2013-09-26 02:56:35
@SpokesGay: @szvan @MockTM It’s a fuckin’ start, I say.
2013-09-26 02:56:50
@DrRubidium: @MockTM WOW. That was truly awful.
2013-09-26 02:59:07
@szvan: @MockTM Oh! This was a student film project. That explains so much.
2013-09-26 02:59:41
@lousycanuck: @MockTM So ends The Space Witch Project. Not much happened.
2013-09-26 03:00:14
@szvan: @SpokesGay @MockTM Not so much if you do it at random.
2013-09-26 03:01:01
@szvan: @MockTM I did not have nearly enough booze for that movie. That’s probably good for my health.
2013-09-26 03:04:43

@blakestacey: We are so full of grilled chicken and tomatillo sauce that we might as well be drunk and we are going to watch PROMETHEUS @MockTM
2013-09-22 00:21:08
@blakestacey: @MockTM Cue the Apollo-13-lite music!
2013-09-22 00:21:41
@blakestacey: @MockTM Penny for the Guy
2013-09-22 00:21:54
@blakestacey: @MockTM Wolverine is in this?
2013-09-22 00:22:06
@blakestacey: @MockTM So far this is just reminding me that I could be watching HUMAN PLANET
2013-09-22 00:22:43
@blakestacey: @MockTM It’s like they ran the end of 2001 through the regularize-colours filter
2013-09-22 00:23:02
@blakestacey: @MockTM Wow, they took the trouble to find an actual waterfall?
2013-09-22 00:23:53
@blakestacey: @MockTM Man, hazing rituals, eh?
2013-09-22 00:24:14
2013-09-22 00:24:57
@blakestacey: @MockTM “Was he even human?” “Well, he had human standards of modesty.”
2013-09-22 00:25:54
@blakestacey: @MockTM Man wears a hat like that, you know he’s not afraid of anything.
2013-09-22 00:26:25
@blakestacey: @MockTM Oh, they discovered a prehistoric preschool.
2013-09-22 00:26:52
@blakestacey: @MockTM “It’s the same configuration…as the dots on a die?”
2013-09-22 00:27:36
@blakestacey: @MockTM Wheeeeeeee
2013-09-22 00:27:58
@blakestacey: @MockTM What is it with naming spaceships for mythological figures which met really sticky ends?
2013-09-22 00:28:22
@blakestacey: @MockTM Daft Punk goes pervy
2013-09-22 00:28:50
@blakestacey: @MockTM “Where do they go?” “I dunno, Baltimore?”
2013-09-22 00:29:21
@blakestacey: @MockTM Man, when are they gonna get rid of these holographic displays and replace them with good solid CRTs?
2013-09-22 00:30:33
@blakestacey: @MockTM Showing a good movie in the middle of your crappy movie: 1
2013-09-22 00:31:37
@blakestacey: @MockTM In the event of a power loss, red lights will lead to white lights…
2013-09-22 00:32:13
@blakestacey: @MockTM “You have…hibernation sickness…”
2013-09-22 00:33:56
@blakestacey: @MockTM “What the hell is that?” “A dreidel, what do you think?”
2013-09-22 00:34:34
@blakestacey: @MockTM So, these people have never met each other and don’t know what they’re doing.
2013-09-22 00:35:15
@blakestacey: @MockTM Nor do they know who they’re working for.
2013-09-22 00:35:36
@blakestacey: @MockTM “Hello friends, I’m a Tyrell ripoff.”
2013-09-22 00:36:02
@blakestacey: @MockTM “I’m gonna show you why you’re here.” “To beat this completely grey Rubik’s cube.”
2013-09-22 00:37:52
@blakestacey: @MockTM You’d think they’d select people capable of a basic level of enthusiasm.
2013-09-22 00:39:20
@blakestacey: @MockTM “It’s what I choose to believe. On your behalf.”
2013-09-22 00:39:50
@blakestacey: @MockTM “Please state the nature of the medical emergency.”
2013-09-22 00:41:17
@blakestacey: @MockTM “Is there an agenda you should have told us about a few dozen light-years back?”
2013-09-22 00:41:58
@blakestacey: @MockTM Screens you can see through actually seem like a rather bad idea.
2013-09-22 00:43:25
@blakestacey: @MockTM “You are illegally parked.”
2013-09-22 00:45:28
@blakestacey: @MockTM “Jackson, what’s that’s for?” “Foreshadowing.”
2013-09-22 00:46:32
@blakestacey: @MockTM Vrooooom! Just like STAR TREK NEMESIS!
2013-09-22 00:47:45
@blakestacey: @MockTM “I want a technobabble readout on that structure, stat.”
2013-09-22 00:48:32
@blakestacey: @MockTM “Not the bees! Not the bees!”
2013-09-22 00:48:44
@blakestacey: @MockTM You don’t know that he’s carrying map-making robots. So of course you couldn’t send them in first.
2013-09-22 00:51:02
@blakestacey: @MockTM “We’re in a Moebius tunnel!”
2013-09-22 00:51:54
@blakestacey: @MockTM “Kilroy…was…here…”
2013-09-22 00:54:02
@blakestacey: @MockTM “What was that?” “I don’t know. Let’s split up to investigate!”
2013-09-22 00:54:42
@blakestacey: @MockTM I like how people can just walk off whenever they feel like it.
2013-09-22 00:57:14
@blakestacey: @MockTM Is that a fleshlight or a Dremel?
2013-09-22 00:57:46
@blakestacey: @MockTM Can’t they just come back after the storm?
2013-09-22 01:01:08
@blakestacey: @MockTM They found Morpheus’s helm!
2013-09-22 01:05:24
@blakestacey: @MockTM Helmet. Enclosed. Sterile. Open helmet…?
2013-09-22 01:06:01
@blakestacey: @MockTM Poke holes before you microwave the potato, guys.
2013-09-22 01:07:43
@blakestacey: @MockTM So, humans are genetically identical to aliens whose blood is black goop?
2013-09-22 01:10:42
@blakestacey: @MockTM “Why did your people make me?” “Sex, mostly.”
2013-09-22 01:11:31
@blakestacey: @MockTM Oh, right, back to the guys who got lost despite the mapping robots.
2013-09-22 01:12:52
@blakestacey: @MockTM This movie just Godwinned itself. Impressive.
2013-09-22 01:13:14
@blakestacey: @MockTM “What do you mean, a ping?” “You know, usually followed by a pong.”
2013-09-22 01:13:42
@blakestacey: @MockTM So, in the future, we can do insta-genome trickery, but we can’t cure sterility?
2013-09-22 01:18:25
@blakestacey: @MockTM “Are you a robot?” “Programmed in multiple techniques.”
2013-09-22 01:19:41
@blakestacey: @MockTM “I bite my thumb at thee, sir.”
2013-09-22 01:20:11
@blakestacey: @MockTM “Elongated reptile creatures. Why did it have to be elongated reptile creatures?”
2013-09-22 01:20:49
@blakestacey: @MockTM So, a bunch of people acting stupidly, and now the rest of the movie is bog-standard body horror?
2013-09-22 01:22:53
@blakestacey: @MockTM Why did David think putting the black stuff in the guy’s drink would actually do anything?
2013-09-22 01:24:20
@blakestacey: @MockTM I mean, why did he jump straight to the human trial? No cell cultures? Tests on lab rats?
2013-09-22 01:24:52
@blakestacey: @MockTM I feel like something is missing in this scene. Oh, right: tension.
2013-09-22 01:26:36
@blakestacey: @MockTM “I wouldn’t touch that if I were you.” FIRST SENSIBLE COMMENT OF THE MOVIE.
2013-09-22 01:27:14
@blakestacey: @MockTM “Holloway’s sick!” “Sick with what?” “A bad case of inflamed plot hole.”
2013-09-22 01:28:50
@blakestacey: @MockTM Foley recorded in an actual public restroom.
2013-09-22 01:29:15
@blakestacey: @MockTM Shining your flashlight on a hologram makes it more clear. Yes.
2013-09-22 01:30:00
@blakestacey: @MockTM It’s kind of hard to overlook that this entire scene is just green-screened.
2013-09-22 01:31:14
@blakestacey: @MockTM “Who turned off the map of all the planets we fucked with?”
2013-09-22 01:31:58
@boyceaz: @blakestacey @MockTM Halfway through that movie you’ll wish you *were* drunk.
2013-09-22 01:32:02
@blakestacey: @MockTM “Ooh, can we keep him?”
2013-09-22 01:32:24
@blakestacey: @MockTM GOSUB CREEPY SMILE
2013-09-22 01:32:38
@blakestacey: @MockTM Ways to die. Worst.
2013-09-22 01:34:32
@blakestacey: @MockTM He could have just opened his helmet and breathed the CO2-rich air for a few minutes.
2013-09-22 01:34:54
@blakestacey: @MockTM Oh, man, can I have what she’s having?
2013-09-22 01:37:07
@blakestacey: @MockTM GOSUB EDWARD CULLEN
2013-09-22 01:37:39
@blakestacey: @MockTM “The claw! It decides who goes and who stays!”
2013-09-22 01:40:43
@blakestacey: @MockTM Editing. So we can see what is going on. In the future, obsolete, it is.
2013-09-22 01:44:03
@blakestacey: @MockTM “I lost my faith, but I gained some staples.”
2013-09-22 01:47:17
@blakestacey: @MockTM Abdomen work like that, she’ll probably be a hit on the goth scene back on Earth.
2013-09-22 01:47:50
@blakestacey: @MockTM “Doesn’t everyone want their parents dead?” WTF did that come from?
2013-09-22 01:51:53
@blakestacey: @MockTM “Enhance. Enhance.”
2013-09-22 01:53:12
@blakestacey: @MockTM The Engineers’ ship is operated by…ocarina?
2013-09-22 01:54:10
@blakestacey: @MockTM Gotta put on my pig-elephant suit. Helps me go to outer space. Ayup.
2013-09-22 01:58:29
@blakestacey: @MockTM This whole stretch of the movie is a giant advertisement for Neosporin.
2013-09-22 01:59:28
@blakestacey: @MockTM If these characters had been developed at all, their self-sacrifice would be engaging.
2013-09-22 02:01:26
@blakestacey: @MockTM Ah. Here we go. 3…2…1… RUN SIDEWAAAAAAYS
2013-09-22 02:03:02
@blakestacey: @MockTM Good thing that really strong rock was right there.
2013-09-22 02:04:08
@blakestacey: @MockTM “You have 30 seconds of oxygen remaining. We have forgotten that you can breathe this planet’s atmosphere for 3 minutes.”
2013-09-22 02:05:17
@blakestacey: @MockTM The one on the right is tobacco.
2013-09-22 02:08:46
@blakestacey: @MockTM Oh, he has a utility belt. He’s Bat-Android!
2013-09-22 02:10:48
@blakestacey: @MockTM “OK, carrying a talking head in a bag is actually the least weird thing I’ve done today.”
2013-09-22 02:12:16
@blakestacey: @MockTM So. That was PROMETHEUS. I can now say with confidence that ALIEN VS PREDATOR was better.
2013-09-22 02:16:38
@blakestacey: @MockTM This movie is what you’d get by training a Markov model on the remains of a Blockbuster sci-fi shelf.
2013-09-22 02:17:21
@blakestacey: Those of you who don’t follow @MockTM don’t know what I just suffered through for you.
2013-09-22 02:17:56
@blakestacey: Housemate: “Are we going to watch ALIEN VS PREDATOR now, or do I have to go write my thesis proposal?” @MockTM
2013-09-22 02:28:23

Mock The Movie: Sol transcript

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