Trailer: ChristCORE

I very much enjoy heavy metal music, with sounds that evoke imagery of primal battles and emotional release. Hardcore music is the genre’s intellectual successor in many ways, coming out of the punk rock movement in a sort of convergent evolution. And yet… even such a rebellious, discordant and anti-authoritarian genre of music is apparently not immune to being Jesusified.

ChristCORE Trailer from Robin Schlaht on Vimeo.

I don’t know how anyone can mistake the sort of subservience to arbitrary rules handed down by an authority that is completely out of reach one must evince to be a Christian, for the sort of rebellious attitude apparent in hardcore music. The mindsets do not overlap in any way, so I’m completely at a loss as to how people can compartmentalize to such a degree. It would be like being a vegan trying to spread their food philosophy by actively cooking and eating meat right in front of others.

Trailer: ChristCORE

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    Heh interesting!
    I never quite got that either, there is a large straight edge subculture in the ****core scene, and most of them seemed to be nicely atheistic and sometimes anarchic leftist, and groups with christian tendencies such as As I lay dying always struck me as odd. I can understand how the straight edge mentality could lead to a kind of ascetic spiritual philosophy, and even having jesus as an idol is conceivable – but as soon as concrete religious dogma comes into play, that seems to be completely at odds with the ideas behind the music.

    As an antidote, a nice tune from those friendly atheistic brits (with ESL no less):

    ***core as a successor to metal, that’s an provicative idea. In my mind, it always was the better successor to the 2000′ new metal stuff. I wouldn’t call it the *successor* to all metal though, it managed an interesting fusion with (death) metal, and so the two cultures (metal and punk) happily coexist, which is nice.

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    Once you’ve actually heard of a musical genre it has already become product.
    It’s easy to change the label, ad copy and formula of a product.

    There are no rebellious products.
    Just products marketed as rebellious.

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    Ahhhh, Christian Hardcore. And I thought that Straight Edge was the most annoying incarnation of it! πŸ˜‰

    One thing, though, and that is that (apparently) the US has a massive Christian music scene. IIRC Evanescence came through before going mainstream, although once they got big globally they shied away from that. I can see why being classed as this gives you a massive leg-up: seen as “safe” for kids, access to church property for performances, a massive Christian bookstore network that won’t stock the “competition”.

    The problem that I see with the vast majority of any music form where the message is more important than the music is that the music suffers due to the lack of focus.

    Then again, most music is crap anyway. I write this as a long-time guitarist, backing vocalist, sludge metal band member, analogue synth twiddler and occasional producer.

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    I’d guess it’s the same cognitive dissonance characteristic of the supposedly-anti-authoritarian “Libertarians” who actually crave strong hierarchies. They talk a good line about freedom, but they really want an authoritarian hierarchy that privileges them specifically.

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