#FtBCon: The panels I've facilitated, and the panels I will facilitate

Day three of FtBConscience, and it’s been a hell of a lot of work so far. I don’t have as many panels as PZ has had, but I’ve had a lot of last-second stress swinging in to help troubleshoot someone’s connection problems or dealing with sudden changes of plan. The tensest moment thus far was Kate Donovan’s presentation which started ~15 mins late, due to the university deciding to close up the building she was using several hours earlier than usual — so she sprinted home and set up as quickly as possible, and somehow seemed genuinely unruffled through her talk and still gave a bang-up presentation. My already immense respect for her has only redoubled.

I’ll include all the panels I ran / moderated / facilitated so far below, but I’ll also create a special thread for commenting that I’ll link the titles to below.

FtBCon: Atheism Is Not Enough

FtBCon: Atheism, Science and Art

FtBCon: Skepticism and the DSM

FtBCon: Video games, religion and morality


Female protagonists in video games

Atheism and grief

Where are the Asian Faces of Freethought?

#FtBCon: The panels I've facilitated, and the panels I will facilitate
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