#FtBCon: Atheism, Science and Art

There were several tense moments when Glendon’s various devices all failed him in series; and when Anne’s internet connection completely failed her early on. But Amy, forced to fill time, did a pretty good job of keeping the panel together. Even through the sake! And a few lucky folks won some free Surlys, to boot.

#FtBCon: Atheism, Science and Art

2 thoughts on “#FtBCon: Atheism, Science and Art

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    And I was just about jump in with a comment when I got cut off, too! Seriously, no one in my family was able to get any device connected to the internet from that moment until Sunday night. Divine retribution for promoting the Atheist Film Festival? =p

    Thanks for holding it together, Amy! I look forward to watching the rest of the panel later tonight!

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