Tell Canadian senators not to pass "Pope Day" bill!

Theobromine of CFI Canada, regular commenter here and elsewhere on FtB, passed along this petition asking the Canadian government to reconsider the private member bill which has passed the House of Commons on its third reading, and is now apparently in the Senate. The bill would honour Pope John Paul II, who attempted to intervene with Chretien and gay marriage, who spent his 25 years as pope furthering the Catholic causes of undermining human rights worldwide, who misspent those same 25 years doing absolutely zero for the children being abused under his watch, with a designated day of celebration in his name.

Bill C-266 is a Private Member’s Bill, sponsored by Wladyslaw Lizon (Mississauga East—Cooksville). It recently passed third reading in the House of Commons, and is currently before the Senate (more information here).

By signing this petition to oppose Bill C-266, you are showing your commitment to the principles of human rights for all, regardless of religion, sexual orientation, and gender. An email will be sent to Senate Speaker Noel Kinsella, and James Cowan, leader of the opposition in the Senate. We encourage you to contact other members of the Senate, by phone, email, or post – contact information is here.

You can find a record of how MPs voted on this bill here.   We encourage you to thank your MP for voting “NAY” or to protest your MP’s “YEA” vote; MPs’ contact information is here.

Honourable Noël A. Kinsella, Speaker of the Senate
Honourable James S. Cowan, Leader of the Opposition in the Senate
Honourable Noël A. Kinsella, Speaker of the Senate
Honourable James S. Cowan, Leader of the Opposition in the Senate

The designation of a day for Canada to officially recognize Pope John Paul II is inconsistent with the goals and values established and promoted by the Government of Canada.
While John Paul II was a charismatic figure, his record as leader of the Catholic Church is full of scandal and poor management. Barbara Blaine, head of the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP) group, points out, “In more than 25 years as the most powerful religious figure on the planet, John Paul II did almost nothing to safeguard kids.”
Pope John Paul vigorously supported the Catholic Church’s opposition to contraception, abortion and homosexuality. He personally intervened to advise Jean Chretien against introducing legislation to allow same-sex marriage. His edicts against condom use undermined worldwide public health efforts to control the spread of AIDS.
For these reasons, I ask you to refuse to pass Bill C-266, the bill that would that establish April 2nd as Pope John Paul II Day in Canada.

[Your name]

I can’t stress enough how odious and antithetical to the causes of humanitarianism and charity and every positive trait the worldwide community knows of Canada as a country. Honouring the past Pope would undermine everything we claim to hold dear as Canadian citizens. Go vote. I’m doing so, as a genuinely concerned Canadian citizen who dearly wants my nation to uphold my values, even if I’m not living in the country any more.

I signed the following:

Everything Pope John Paul II stood for is antithetical to Canadian values. His views on so-called moral issues like abortion, homosexuality and AIDS were anti-science, anti-reality, and anathema to more enlightened views on how society should interact ethically. I see no reason, except as a sop to religious sentiments, why a “Pope Day” would in any way be a good fit for Canada or for Canadians. I think honouring people for their stances against basic human rights and civil liberties is blinkered, and the MPs who voted for this should be ashamed of themselves.

Tell Canadian senators not to pass "Pope Day" bill!

16 thoughts on “Tell Canadian senators not to pass "Pope Day" bill!

  1. 1

    Fuck. My MP won the local election last time by about 25 votes or something. And is a diehard conservative anal milliner. And voted for this piece of shit bill.

    And the fucking Senate is full of old angry white men. No way do they give actual sober second thoughts to this crap, they’ll rubber-stamp it just like they were told to do when given their unelected sinecures. Our Senate is a joke.

    Hopefully, it’ll get a court challenge on the “government promoting religion” line, after it’s inevitably passed. And thank fuck for the integrity of the Canadian Supreme Court.

  2. 4

    I prefer to think of it like Remington: he liked the asshats so much, he bought the company!

    See also “Rectal Haberdasher” and “Colonic Sombreratero”. 🙂

  3. 7

    We might as well set up an Ayatollah Khomeini day as well. The same specious arguments used in favor of c-266 can be used for my idea as well…

    PJPII was not Canadian, he was the head of a foreign state and any Canadian wishing to ‘celebrate his legacy’ is already free to do so any day or time. This bill is such a waste of time it makes me want to puke.

    Here is snippet of what the bill’s sponsor said in parliament:
    “I would like to make it very clear that this is not a religious bill. This is not a bill to aid or promote one religion over another or give a special recognition to one particular Pope.”

    PJP2 day is not meant to give special recognition to one particular Pope…. honestly….

  4. 8

    I wrote my MP and the senators for my region and signed the petition with my meatspace name.

    I doubt my MP (probably one of the few MPs who’s right of Harper) will pay any attention, but I have hopes for my senators. I also plan to write a lot of other senators of previous provinces I’ve lived in in hopes they’ll pay attention, and I might also write the GG in hopes he’d veto it (I doubt very very much that he would since his job is rubber-stamping, but hey, I will be able to say I tried).

    I will also donate time and money to a meatspace legal challenge if/when the bill is passed and becomes law.

  5. 10

    Maybe make it so they can have pope day but it has to be accompanied by heaps of material to show what kind of vile pieces of shit the various popes have been. Hell, make a gameshow, the “evil, greedy, misogynistic, hypocritical, theocratic fucker” edition of mastermind!

    “Hi, my name is Adrian and my specialist subject is the paedophile enabling of Joseph ratzinger”

  6. 12

    I know Trudeau is Catholic, but he’s still a turd for voting for this. A couple people here mentioned the issue with the gov’t officially favouring one religion, but I’m kinda disappointed the petition doesn’t include mention of that, since I think it would help to gain wider traction. That’s relatively minor however, and I’m still signing.

  7. 14

    Petition signed.

    I’m pleased to see that the leader of the opposition, Mr. Mulcair, voted against the bill. I like him more all the time.

  8. 15

    Yeah! My MP voted against this Bill. I have just finished an email to him thanking him for that. I am almost done composing a note for some Senators explaining why they should not allow this to pass.

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