CONvergence – Gods of Geekdom panel audio

I absolutely enjoyed this panel. It was thorough, informative, and hilarious. We discussed gods and god-concepts in various sci fi and fantasy fandoms, including comic books, novels and even video games.

Panelists were Nick Glover, Ryan Consell, Jason Thibeault and Fionnuala Murphy.



CONvergence – Gods of Geekdom panel audio

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    Dammit, I posted this on my phone. My cut/paste of the path didn’t work and I had to manually add what I thought was missing when it showed only the filename. Sorry. Fixing now.

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    Catching up to your posts on the CONvergence panel discussion. This discussion of gods reminded me of what a certain Xenophanes had noted about 2500 years ago. He noted:

    People imagine that gods look like them and wear their sort of clothing.
    Black people worship gods that look like black people and northerners worship gods that look like northerners.
    If horses and cows and lions could make pictures of gods, they’d make pictures of gods that look like horses and cows and lions, as the case may be.

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