CONvergence – Worldbusters!

This one is the second made using the built-in sound app on my phone, and thus it’s also a crappy 8kHz, though I’ve passed it through a few filters to try to get it to a listenable state. It’s a little quiet, but I’ve managed to take out a good deal of noise and level the sounds somewhat. I may yet go back and do the same to the EvoPsych panel.

This panel was fun, though not nearly as popular or populated as the penis panel. In this one we took audience suggestions about specific sci-fi / fantasy tropes and disproved them, with heavy emphasis on the biology behind most of these alien biology scenarios. Sadly, no questions about tech that I could have fielded. Oh well!


Panelists were Jason Thibeault, Siouxsie Wiles, PZ Myers and Laura Okagaki.

CONvergence – Worldbusters!

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    The only SF writer I know who takes biology into account is Brian Stableford. His fiction shows why most writers don’t deal with it: alien life? Massive allergy attacks, biochemical incompatibilities, and the like.

    It’s why aliens always speak English or have accurate translation machines: otherwise every story is about figuring out what the other side is saying.

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