CONvergence – Evolutionary Psychology panel audio

Okay, this is not the greatest recording in the world. As it turns out, a Google Nexus 4 appears to only be able to record at 8000Hz mono. If I’m going to keep doing this, I’ll have to invest in a better sound recorder. Or maybe use my old iPhone, because that’s literally the only thing the iPhone has that my Nexus has not been able to duplicate or improve upon.


(download mp3)

Panel, left to right: Amanda Marcotte, Greg Laden, Stephanie Zvan, PZ Myers, Indre Viskontas
Panel, left to right: Amanda Marcotte, Greg Laden, Stephanie Zvan, PZ Myers, Indre Viskontas. Photo by Anne Sauer of Mad Art Lab.

And the left-hand side of the audience, to show how packed the room was (the right is equally packed, and you’ll just have to trust me, skeptics):


Evidently some of the haters camping out on the #skepchickcon hashtag suggested that there should be a mass walk-out on this panel. No such thing happened. Your ideas don’t real, haters. Sorry.

Anyone willing to transcribe what they can make out?

CONvergence – Evolutionary Psychology panel audio

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    Jason, I’m fairly certain you mean a sampling rate of 8 kHz or 8000 Hertz – not 8000mhz, since m is the usual prefix for milli, and would neatly cancel out those three zeroes. </pedant>

    I saw a bit of Twitter traffic on this earlier today which piqued my interest, so am very keen to give the recording a try, quality regardless!

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    Looking at that first picture, I have to wonder why Mad Art Lab left that print in the sun so long. Either that, or they have to give up on that back-supply of 1970’s film stock.

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    Xanthë: you’re right, I stayed up sooooper late getting that audio sliced up and uploaded to the blog, so I got that well wrong. I definitely meant Hz.

    Archivist: Yeah, I dunno. Ann used her phone to take the pic. Either she used Instagram to make it all hipster like, or it’s actually a really crappy phone.

  4. 6

    I was never Leda Cosmides student, and I did not claim to be. Other than that the psychodrama post pretty much gets everything else I said wrong in a stunning example of willful ignorance with a purpose, it would seem. I’d comment over there but the comment box does not function properly.

  5. 8

    Hi Greg

    I thought you claimed you had attended lectures by Leda. I suppose “taught by” could imply more than you meant. If you wish to provide an alternative summary about who you are I will be happy to replace the one I wrote.

    As I said in the blog post, I concede I may have made mistakes due to the audio quality. I invite anyone to listen to the audio and correct me where I’m clearly wrong. By all means correct me if I’m wrong by providing a more accurate transcript of what it was you said.

    The comments box is set to accept comments from anyone, including anonymous guests. If you want to talk and really cannot – for some reason – get my comments box to work you can do so here – I will check back every few days for a month.

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    Jason, thanks for posting the audio; I wanted to attend this one, but the registration line took a wee bit longer than I’d planned for.

    (It was nice to meet you in person in the FTB party room. And getting out to a live conference with such a positive vibe gave me another way to envision a healthy future for the secular movement!)

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