Gay marriage is no threat to heterosexual marriage

Via their Facebook page, the group Heterosexuals for Same Sex Equality has released a timely video (though, honestly, when is this NOT timely, with enemies to the cause of equal rights so devoted to making life miserable for people just because they are not like them?).

You may recognize some of the people in the video.

Gay marriage is no threat to heterosexual marriage

7 thoughts on “Gay marriage is no threat to heterosexual marriage

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    My husband and I are on our 34th year of marriage. We were delighted to offer 4 votes for marriage equality here in Washington state (our two kids voted with us).

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    My husband and I recently attended our friends’ 5th wedding anniversary. They are both ladies, so the marriage isn’t legal in our state. Still, they had a lovely ceremony with friends and family and for five years they have been wives to one another.
    They say this gives them hope for future generations. My hope is that someday soon, the state will admit what we already know: They are already married.

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    What stands out for me in all this is that the collective meltdown of the religious community after the Supreme Court rulings has a strikingly similar tone to those other big moments in American history where, just like today, the religious fundies were on the wrong side of history.

    Slavery, women’s rights, civil rights, interracial marriage, and now gay rights/marriage. In each of these issues, the fundies opposed every effort towards the rights and equality these people sought. Their reactions were disjointed, vulgar, incoherent and sometimes violent.

    I hope there isn’t any violence, but the fundies are displaying to everyone why so many have turned away from them.

    By the way, since 2 male friends of ours got married to each other, my wife and I have not yet exploded.

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    I still miss a great friend of mine who left my regressive state in order to get married in New York.

    The sooner the other shoe drops and the SCOTUS decides that states can’t discriminate against a class of citizens (seriously, is this not a 14th Amendment case?), the better.

    Of course, it would be better if fat Tony has his stroke before then and is replaced. And Thomas dies in a fiery automobile crash. And Roberts resigns after being caught in bed with two “rent boys” and three butt plugs. Or something like that.

    Equality isn’t equality until everyone is equal everywhere.

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    As someone whose heterosexual marriage has been through some horrendous rough patches (severe mental illness, drug addiction, disability, etc), I can honestly say that none of the problems were the result of two people of the same gender that I will probably never meet marrying each other. I wish I had a snarky comment to close with, but it’s lunchtime.

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    The tide isn’t turning; the tide has turned. Heterosexual America has finally realized that families are families, regardless of the sexual orientation of the parents.

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    It’s depressing how often the realization “Hey, we’re different from each other” is followed by “You must be inferior!”

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